Monday, October 8, 2007

Bush vows to "strike Israel"

In a rare interview with an Arabic satellite news station, US President George W. Bush stated that the United States is gearing up to attack Israel and said he remains committed to bringing his "Shock and Awe Democracy Tour" to Tel Aviv, since they are in complete denial of their robust nuclear weapons program.
Bush further stated that "Out of respect for the Muslim Holy sites in Jerusalem, he would not bomb the capitol of Occupied Palestine."

Bush, in an hour-long interview with al-Arabiya TV, stated that it's past time to negotiate with Israel over its 300 plus nuclear weapons, a fact that Bush said was common knowledge to everyone in the world, except to the folks at FOX News and the Washington Post.

"Heck, Israel has repeatedly invaded neighboring countries, has a massive number of WMD's and is engaged in the ongoing genocide of its indigenous people." Bush said.
"Since the United Nations won't do anything to stop that outlaw regime in Israel, it's up to the good 'Ol USA to put a stop to Israeli atroc...atro.. oh heck, Israeli evil-doers."

Bush brushed off as "gossip" reports in the Arab press that he has issued orders to senior US Military officials for an attack on Israel at the end of January or in February.
Bush stated that "We aren't going to wait until next year to confront the criminal and immoral regime holding Israel by its throat. They're guilty of a massive number of war crimes and crimes against humanity and it's time they were held to account."

He also urged the international community to follow through quickly in holding an international tribunal to bring to justice those Israeli's responsible for the brutally savage and unprovoked attack by the IDF on the American ship, the USS Liberty.

"I mean, come on. On that day which has lived in infamy, June 8, 1967, the Israeli's murdered 34 Americans and wounded 171.
Israel bombed the USS Liberty, strafed the decks with machine gun fire, dropped napalm, used torpedeos and machine gunned both the life rafts and the personnel trying to escape the carnage the Israeli's were inflicting on the USS Liberty", stated Bush, working himself into a visible rage.

"Israel has not only denied its murderous actions on that day, they have the nerve to accuse personnel, who were serving that day on the USS Liberty, of being "Anti-Semitic" for asking simple questions about the attack."

When asked what brought about his change in heart regarding Israel, Bush stated that "God has spoken to me and told me to smite those who killed his son, so we're going to smite Israel BIG TIME said the president.

Before President Bush could make any more comments, Vice President Cheney appeared with a sizable number of Blackwater mercenaries and hustled off President Bush. Cheney's spokesperson stated that Cheney was going to take the president "quail hunting."

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