Sunday, October 7, 2007

Israeli settlers stab a Palestinian boy, attack an ambulance crew

Palestinian medical sources identified the victim as Mohammad Abdelkarim Aseela, 15 year-old, and said he was attacked with a sharp tool, for which he was evacuated to the aL-Ahli hospital of Hebron.

The medics confirmed Aseela sustained critical bruises in his body along with a bleeding in his back.

Witnesses said that the boy was stabbed when he was passing by the Kiryat Arba; settlement.

A number of settlers attacked him with knives and sharp tools and beat him very severely, witnesses added.

In the meantime, other settlers from the Nikodim settlement, to the east of Bethlehem city in the West Bank, attacked yesterday a Palestinian ambulance crew, leaving bruises in the body of Mohammad Abu Ajmiya, local sources and witnesses confirmed

Witnesses added that at least seven Israeli settlers attacked the ambulance near the said settlement, while the ambulance’s driver managed to flee the scene to a nearby Palestinian house.

Israeli settlements on the West Bank lands are regarded illegal by the international law. Israel has been called frequently to dismantle illegal settlements and halt settlement activities.


More violence and atrocities committed against the indigenous Palestinians by illegal Jewish settlers, squatting on stolen Palestinian land.

While the Israeli mandated, American funded Palestinian genocide continues unabated, the world stands by, doing a good imitation of the Three Monkeys: See no Evil; Hear no Evil and Speak no Evil.

We are witnessing the first Holocaust of the 21st Century, that is being perpetuated upon the Palestinians by the Occupation Army of Israel.

Americans will never hear or see stories about the Israeli brutalities against the indigenous Palestinians, but we will damn sure hear about any acts of self-defense the Palestinians take against the Zionist Occupation Forces.

Claiming to be a "Christian" nation that remains oblivious to the Israeli mass genocide of the Palestinians must make the Christian god happy, or else why would we stand by and let the rogue nation of Israel, that we support with generous amounts of money, weapons and political backing, continue with the Palestinian Holocaust, unless it was pleasing to the Christian god?

While America remains in a state of stupefied bliss, dark forces in the Pentagon are in the advanced stages for the American attack on Iran, being planned by a group called Project Checkmate.

When the leader of this "Christian" nation launches another illegal war of aggression against Iran, will we Americans finally awaken from our slumber or go on with our vapid lives?

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