Friday, October 12, 2007

Jewish Settlers and their Crimes against Humanity in Occupied Palestine

Hebron and Southern West Bank

On 7 August, settlers from outposts in downtown Hebron burned part of the Kayyali Mosque, located in the center of the city. This mosque, as with other shops and homes, has been closed for seven years. The Waqf Chairman in Palestine, Tyseer Tamimi, issued a statement calling human rights organizations and the international community to put pressure on Israel in order to stop the settlers’ attacks against Muslim holy places in Hebron.

On 23 September, settlers from the Nokedeem settlement, east of Bethlehem, attacked a Palestinian ambulance and injured one of the aid officers. The ambulance, belonging to the Palestinian Red Crescent, drove in the middle of the night to villages to the east of Bethlehem to take ill from there. On the way, the ambulance was stopped at an Israeli military checkpoint and forced to follow a civilian car that went into the settlement. There, the Palestinians faced seven armed settlers who started to beat them by using sticks, rocks and butt of their guns. The driver, Sameer Abu Sara, succeeded to escape to a near Palestinian home. While the aid officer Mohmmed Abu Ajameyya was arrested for two hours. He was beaten and injured over many places in his body. Later he was released and then taken to a hospital, following the intervention of the Palestinian Authority.

Nablus and Northern of West Bank

On 18 August, settlers from Borkan settlement, near the Hares village in the Nablus district uprooted 30 olive trees from land near the settlement. The land belongs to Sulaiman Shmlawee who reports that “the settlers want to take my land in spite of the fact that I got a court order that my land was not to be confiscated and I have the right to work in it as usual.”

On 24 September, 22-year-old Iyad Fawzee Abu Mutawe’, from the town of Tobas, was injured when a settler from Shigmot Mahola fired at him while he was working his land with his family, located near the settlement. Iyad was taken to an Israeli Hospital for treatment. Local sources stated that the settlers attack the farmers in this area in order to prevent them from working their land because they want to confiscate it.

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