Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Workings of Israel's secret service exposed

THE operational structure of Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence service, which has always prided itself on weaving a cloak of impenetrable secrecy around its covert operations, has been disclosed by a British specialist journal.

The details of Mossad's "family tree" appear in Jane's Sentinel journal, which has published a special edition on the eastern Mediterranean. The Israeli defence establishment has already reacted with concern over revelations in the same publication about the Israeli Air Force, including the location of all its air bases.

The journal also says that Mossad has a clandestine operations command, known within the Israeli secret service as Metsada, which runs "small units of combatants who carry out actions abroad against those considered to be a threat to Israeli security". The journal says: "These missions have included assassinations and sabotage."

Hartford Archives

"These missions have included assassinations and sabotage."

Like sending some agents to a country that Israel wanted to fight its land and water resource wars to engage in an act of sabotage to rally that country's citizens into fighting Israel's wars?

Say, an act of sabotage so savage and brutal, that the entire nation would be numb and ready to strike out at any MSM generated target?

Oh, i don't know,,, maybe crashing some airliners into some skyscrapers.. in the world's media capital, thereby guaranteeing that the people of that country would be able to see in real time that horrific incident?

Gosh, wonder what country could be so barbaric, cold-blooded and murderous to perform such a monstrous act?


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