Thursday, November 29, 2007

Israel sets Holocaust damages at $240 billion

JERUSALEM: An Israeli government report that claims to be the first of its kind has set material damage to the Jewish people during the Holocaust at some $240 billion to $330 billion.

Although previous studies have estimated the value of looted Jewish property, the Israeli government calculation includes lost income and wages, as well as unpaid wages from forced Jewish labor.

But this represents just a small fraction of the Jewish material damage during the Holocaust, and "there is much to be done in order to achieve a measure of justice" for survivors and their heirs, the report said.

"Restitution can successfully be dealt with only by exceptional legal measures," the report said. "In most countries, special, fast, and simple legislation is badly needed."


The Chutzpah of these clowns. How many more generations of people who had NOTHING to do with the so-called Holocau$t will be plied with guilt, in order to shake as many Shekels as possible from the gullible?

What about reparations for the descendants of slavery? Rarely if ever does the MSM carry that story. When it does, it gets short shrift and labeled as "sour grapes" or some other BS, like they'll only spend their money on Cadillac's.

Is it possible that slavery reparations never get mentioned because Jews made a lucrative living off the slaves thru the financing of the trade?

It's curious that this story is being played out during the same time frame the Annapolis summit is taking place.

Don't worry Israel, you'll--as always--come out on top of the dog and pony show being held in Maryland. Your obedient lap dogs in Congress will shovel tons of OUR tax dollars in your direction, which should help soothe the Holocaust™ memories.

50 years from now, will there still be stories like this coming out in the press? This shakedown racket known as the Holocaust™ has gone on long enough.

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