Sunday, March 9, 2008

Israeli troops loot food, clothes, furniture, equipment from orphanage

Israeli troops loot food, clothes, furniture, equipment from orphanage

From Khalid Amayreh in Hebron March 7, 2008

Hundreds of Israeli occupation troops stormed a Palestinian orphanage and a boarding school in the southern West Bank City of Hebron early Thursday, looting large amounts of frozen food, dairy products, clothes, shoes, refrigerators and kitchen equipments, local officials and eyewitnesses said.

The looted material were to be used to feed and cloth as many as seven thousand orphan girls and boys, many of them attending boarding schools run by the Islamic Charitable Society.

According to neighbors, the looting operation started around midnight Wednesday when soldiers stormed the al-Harayek neighborhood in Hebron where the inventory department of the Islamic Charitable Society is located.

"They (Israeli soldiers) forced open the main gate and outer doors and then started loading everything on trucks they brought with them," said Muhammed Awwad, an official at the Society’s Inventory Department.

"They looted millions of dollars’ worth of equipments and products, it is an organized robbery, except that it is carried out by the army of a state that claims to be civilized and democratic."

Awwad said the soldiers seized hundreds of crates of frozen meet, numerous food containers as well as a huge amount of clothes, including Pajamas, underwear, sanitary material, toilet papers, shoes, sport equipment, blankets, mattresses, and handkerchiefs.

"They even looted female children underwear, They robbed us clean."" Awwad said.

(No doubt to give to some of their sick and twisted rabbis, to whom perversion is a way of life)

Ahmed Farrah, a Hebron charity official, accused the Israeli army of "treating us like the Nazis treated Jews during WWII."


Israel is like some punk bully, who swaggers into the local bar and raises hell by threatening the patrons, molesting the women and beating up and all who dare question its psychotic behavior.

The bully--Israel--can do this because it is attended by a phalanx of heavily armed goons, who swing into action and pulverize anyone the bully--Israel--doesn't like.

Who are the goons? Various elements of the U.S. government, including the Congress, the military, plus the Zionist owned MSM.

That is how we are spreading "democracy" in the ME. By beating up and terrorizing anyone Israel deems to be an "existential" enemy.
And killing those who have the audacity to want to be left alone.

Israel has no idea of how to act civilized, nor does it need to, not with its army of trained goon squads standing by, ready at a moments notice to jump on anyone Israel doesn't like.

That's our tax dollars at work, ensuring that Israel is safe from perceived enemies, all the while, tearing down what little is left of American prestige in the ME.

But hey, Israel doesn't care, after all, they belong to the Master Race.

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