Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Netanyahu gives marching orders to US Congress

Remarks made by then Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu to a 1996 Joint Session of the US Congress. Only parts of this speech have been copied and pasted, due to my weak stomach.

Washington July 10, 1996

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice-President, members of Congress,

We admire America not only for its dynamism, and for its power, and for its wealth.

(For its wealth? Oh hell yes, we just love that wealth part. Just check out the Forbes list of billionaires in the USA and see the names that have been making a "killing" off the Iraqi war.)

Yesterday my wife and I spent a very moving hour at Arlington Cemetery, and we saw there the evidence of the price you paid for that freedom - in the lives of your best and brightest young men.

(Yeah, generation after generation of our kids, shipped off to fight wars that, one way or the other, usually included machinations by the Khazar descendants)

We shall not allow a Berlin Wall to be erected inside Jerusalem. We will not drive out anyone, but neither shall we be driven out of any quarter, any neighborhood, any street of our eternal capital.

(Yep, you Khazars sure made good on that promise. But, according to your Zionist dominated MSM in America, this is not a "Berlin Wall", but a security wall that is dividing Jerusalem at the same time, stealing the land of the indigenous Palestinians, but you knew that didn't you?)

The most dangerous of these regimes is Iran, that has wed a cruel despotism to a fanatic militancy. If this regime, or its despotic neighbor Iraq, were to acquire nuclear weapons, this could presage catastrophic consequences, not only for my country, and not only for the Middle East, but for all mankind.

(Let's change slightly the above statement, shall we? "The most dangerous of these regimes is ISRAEL, that has wed a cruel despotism to a fanatic military." Yeah, nothing like letting the TRUTH out to make matters clear)

Finally, permit me briefly to remark on our future economic relationship. The United States has given Israel - how can I tell it to this body? The United States has given Israel, apart from political and military support, munificent and magnificent assistance in the economic sphere. With America's help, Israel has grown to be a powerful, modern state. I believe that we can now say that Israel has reached childhood's end, that it has matured enough to begin approaching a state of self-reliance.

(Matured enough to be cut off from your allowance? What a crock. You have neither matured nor have you been cut off from suckling on the American teat. Financial and military aid to Israel has more than doubled since "Bombem" Netanyahu spoke to the 1996 Congress)

We intend to build an Israel of reciprocal dialogue and peace with each and every one of our neighbors. We will not uproot anyone, nor shall we be uprooted. We shall insist on the right of Jews to live anywhere in the Land, just as we insist on this right for Jews in any other place in the world. We will build an Israel of self-reliance. We will build an Israel with an undivided and indivisible city of hope at its heart. We will build a peace founded on justice and strength, and amity for all men and women of good will.

(You won't uproot anyone? Well, as long as they're Israelis. If not, then its bring in the bulldozers and smash to shreds olive trees, homes and the occasional protester who gets in the way of the Israeli "Gestapo" and their insatiable drive for their Lebensraum plan for Palestine.)

And if in the process, your Zionist Occupation Force (ZOF) just happens to rob Palestinian banks and loot the homes of Palestinians, well that's all in a days work for the ZOF.

After all, those brave men and women of the ZOF need a break from shooting Palestinian kids in the head and a good day of looting, pillaging and plundering always puts a smile back on a Khazars face )

Note: Back in 1996, a story made the rounds that after the speech, "Bombem" Netanyahu met with over 300 of OUR closest Senators and Representatives in a back anteroom, where our reps proceeded to show undying loyalty and allegiance to both Israel and Netanyahu by getting down on their knees and kissing Netanyahu's derrière.

This can not be confirmed nor denied, but does fit present and past actions of the US Congress towards Israel.

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