Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Video Tour of John McCain's TEN Mansions

That's right 10 homes/mansions that Johnny boy lives the life of luxury in, while a lot of Americans are having trouble keeping ONE roof over their heads.

We worry about having enough money to buy gas for the old clunker, while Johnny Boy flies around in a private jet. Having trouble buying new shoes for the kids?

Johnny Boy relaxes in custom made $520 dollar Italian loafers.

Yep, times sure is tough for Johnny Boy.

The Real Elitist: Video of McCain's Collection of Mansions Reveal He's Not Your Average Joe

The A.F.L.-C.I.O. and the Service Employees International Union have feuded plenty in recent years, but they have banded together to help distribute and publicize a new online video that characterizes Senator John McCain as elitist and out of touch.

The four-minute video, produced by Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films, is called "McCain's Mansions: the Real Elitist" and showcases various McCain homes and condominiums in Arizona, California and Virginia, with one valued at $4.66 million.

While highlighting the wealth of Mr. McCain and his wife, Cindy - the video also includes a cable news clip poking fun at Mr. McCain's $520 calfskin loafers made by Salvatore Ferragamo - the video also focuses on the tale of Eileen Gillis, described as a systems engineer and sales clerk whose house in Connecticut was foreclosed upon.

Mr. Greenwald's company, Brave New Films, which has made films castigating Wal-Mart and Fox News, said that it planned, with the help of the A.F.L.-C.I.O and service employees, to distribute McCain's Mansions to more than 500,000 voters. It offers the effort as a sort-of-chain Web video, imploring viewers and supporters to send it along to five friends.

Full story at Alternet

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  1. Man, oh, Manischewitz...those calfskin loafers must feel better than O.J.'s Bruno Maglis...that's some good company you're keeping, "Songbird".

    He's no "elitist...he's a man of the people.

    Yeah, right...and the check's in the mail, and that other story about how you'll get a warning before the choda flows...


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