Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nader accuses McCain of supporting the Israeli version of the savage and brutal attack on the Liberty

Why does a part of me get cynical and wonder how convenient it was that a "Palestinian" shot and killed Robert Kennedy one year later, on the anniversary of the brutal Israeli attack on the Liberty, forever marking that week as the week RFK was assassinated?

Why do I suspect there were much darker forces at work?

On that infamous June 8, 1967 day, Israel bombed, strafed, dropped napalm, used torpedeos against the USS Liberty and machine gunned both the life rafts and the personnel trying to escape the carnage the Israeli's were inflicting on the Liberty during an attack which lasted over 75 minutes. While the American flag was waving over the ship, having to be hoisted several times, since the Israeli gunners took special aim at the flag.

Israel still proclaims the barbaric attack was "accidental." BS. Here's testimony from an Israeli pilot, who was ordered to attack the USS LIberty:

More proof has recently come to light from the Israeli side. A few years after Attack on the Liberty was originally published, Ennes got a call from Evan Toni, an Israeli pilot. Toni told Ennes that he had just read his book and wanted to tell him his story. Toni said that he was the pilot in the first Israeli Mirage fighter to reach the Liberty.
He immediately recognized the ship to be a US Navy vessel. He radioed Israeli air command with this information and asked for instructions. Toni said he was ordered to "attack".

He refused and flew back to the air base at Ashdod. When he arrived he was summarily arrested for disobeying orders.

Israel can lie all it wants to about the unprovoked attack on the USS LIberty, but a lie is still a lie, 41 years later.

And Israel is supposed to be our only friend in the ME?

Funny, but I can't help but to think that before Israel came into existence, the U.S. had NO enemies in the ME.

For an excellent article in the Chicago Tribune that shows even MORE proof that Israel knew what it was doing, click

Friday, October 31, 2008 3:12 AM
By Jim Siegel

Nader puts spotlight on 1967 'cover-up'

Adding to his usual criticisms of the "corporate candidates" from the two major parties, independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader yesterday introduced a wrinkle, calling on John McCain to come clean about Israel's 1967 attack on the USS Liberty.

"He doesn't like to have his character impugned. I'm challenging his character on this point," Nader said in a news conference at the Statehouse.

McCain was not involved in the incident, which killed 34 American sailors amid the Six-Day War between Israel and several Arab nations. Israel said the attack was a case of mistaken identity, and McCain's father, Adm. John S. McCain Jr., approved an investigation that determined the incident was a tragic mistake.

Nader is among those who think the report was a cover-up. He's dragging McCain into it because the senator wrote a positive note on a 2002 book, The Liberty Incident, that also concluded the attack was an accident.

"He has been asked again and again by these sailors and their families to come clean," Nader said. "Instead, he endorses a propaganda book that says it was accidental. That reflects on his character."

The McCain campaign declined to respond.

John McCain, have you any decency left sir, any at all?

Or has being so close to so much power thoroughly corrupted your soul?

BTW, Johnny Boy, how much is a soul going for these days? Much more than 30 pieces of silver, I hope.

One more thought: Why does the waterline blast hole on the USS Liberty look so much like the one on the USS Cole?

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