Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Vatican Mob: Giving Shelter to Pedophiles and Thieves

Whatever happened to "Feed the Hungry, Tend to the Sick, Shelter the Homeless?"

This topic might not deal directly with the Federal Reserve or Zionism, but it's entwined deeply with those two life stifling outfits.
Without the mind numbing power of the Vatican brainwashing America's Catholics, the Fed and Zionism would be hard pressed to stay in existence.

The true story is about the Vatican and how that closed society of misogynist's and pedophiles rule with an iron fist over hundreds of millions of the world's poor, keeping them ignorant and poor, all in an effort to have a never ending supply of converts to their cult religion.

And a never ending supply of cannon fodder for wars for Empire.

Wars that the Vatican never seems to utter a peep about, not as long as those being butchered are Muslims.

I wasn't aware that one of the commandments had been changed from "Thou Shalt Not Kill," to "Thou Shalt not kill Christians and Jews."

The Sermons of Sister Jane

This is a story of love. The love of your fellow human beings. This is exemplified by one Sister Jane, former nun, who got booted out of her order after 58 years of service.

Towards the end of her 58 year long service as a nun to the Catholic Church, Sister Jane started asking questions about how she was raised as a Catholic.

About the same time, she discovered that the local priest was stealing money from the Church and raping young boys. She brought her concerns to the bishop, who ignored her, then to the pope, who ignored her.

Troubled by what was still going on, she turned to a local reporter and when he started investigating, the shit hit the fan, Turns out the priest was rapist and a thief and was having a torrid affair with the bishop Sister Jane had contacted.

For pointing out a viper in their midst, she gets the boot out of the Church, after 58 years of loyal service.

These days, Jane spends her time with a local Plowshares facility, where she "Feeds the hungry, tends to the sick and helps shelter the homeless."

And isn't that what it's supposed to be all about?

When Sister Jane discovered that a priest in her church was molesting young men and stealing from the congregation, and when the evidence was ignored by the church, she contacted the press, creating a scandal.

Throughout the film she shares her progressive views on issues such as birth control, homosexuality, and women priests. She impels the Catholic Church to return to egalitarian roots of community.

The scenes filmed at Plowshares, an organization she created to feed and serve the poor and homeless, demonstrate Sister Jane’s powerful ability to translate her faith into profoundly meaningful action.

This touching documentary, skillfully produced by these acclaimed filmmakers, reveals Sister Jane’s long struggle to speak out against what she believed was wrong, and how this ongoing battle ultimately has heart-breaking results.

The film is available to be viewed at this link

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