Friday, January 9, 2009

The Harsh Realities of Life in Occupied Gaza as opposed to Israel.

Take a look at this pic of the land where Israel buts up against Occupied Gaza.


Notice how the land in Occupied Gaza looks brown, dry and lifeless, with only a few splotches of green?

Then look at the land in Israel. The lush greenness of the land and the irrigated and fertile fields literally leap out at one's eye.

You could take pics all over Occupied Gaza, on the border with Israel and they'd have the same look.

While Gaza and the West Bank where Palestinians live is being sucked dry of water, the Israeli side will show fields of green and thriving crops, being fed copious amounts of Palestinian water.

If an Israeli wants to fill his swimming pool with precious water, no problem.

But if some Palestinian needs a little water for his crops, he'll be told to piss off, most likely beaten and maybe even shot.

Just another facet of the planned and ongoing Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Those who they can't blow to bits, will be starved to death.

Be proud America!

These are your tax dollars at work.

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  1. Hi Greg,

    You might be surprised (or perhaps not...) at how much I agree with your analyses here. Most is not as it seems. Far too many people are hoping for a magician to save them, and boy will they be disappointed. Those who created the problems, even though deceived into helping, still have the personal responsibility to fix them, before the "universe" rudely adjusts the balances to compensate. We are all part of the "beast" (empire...) and our comforts have come from its predations. Self-sacrifice for the benefit of others is far greater wisdom than most have yet grasped.

    Those bombing the mostly helpless are digging a hole far deeper than they can see the bottom of. Some lessons are far more terrible than shame and recompense by one's own freewill.

    Peace and Wisdom...


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