Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why are Thieves, Liars and Murderers so Paranoid?


Thieves tend to be more than a little paranoid, especially the ones that break into your home to steal your valuables. They don't know if the owner of the house they broke into is home or not. If he/she is and confronts the thieves, the intruders will be forced to deal with that problem.

Maybe they'll just club the home owner unconscious. Maybe they'll kill the owner to escape with the loot.

That kind of lifestyle tends to make the thieve paranoid, since he's always afraid he'll be exposed.


Possibly the most paranoid of the lot. Especially the ones who take another's live while in the act of stealing from the owner. The murderer's paranoia reaches the point where they start getting psychotic, making another murder to cover up the original murder seem natural.


Another low-life form that thrives on the lies they create and perpetuate to fool those into thinking the liar is some type of decent, upstanding citizen who is great.
The liars tell so many lies that they never know which lie they are currently living, forcing them to tell even more lies.

Telling lies that they aren't thieves, "No way, not me!" Or telling lies that they didn't murder that person. "Honest, it wasn't me, I'm a peaceful type who loves people. Why would I murder that person?"

"Why is Israel so Paranoid?"

How is it that a nation that has one of the world's largest nuclear weapons stockpile and copious amount of biological and chemical weapons, plus the latest advanced weaponry can be so paranoid?

This Israel has proven countless times by always launching wars of aggression against her neighbors or making violent incursions into Lebanon or Occupied Palestine, unleashing the might of her well-armed military against civilians.


What makes that Jews only state so damn paranoid?

Could it be because it's mostly a nation of Thieves, Liars and Murderers that snuck into Palestine and stole the land from the Palestinians?

In the process, murdered many a Palestinian in the act of theft to cover up their numerous crimes against that nation of peace loving people. And told countless lies to the world about their thievery and murderous occupation.
Lies which they perpetuate and disseminate the world over by the Zionist hold over the MSM.

Is this what makes Israel so paranoid, that one day, the world will finally see through all the lies and recognize that Israel is led by liars and thieves who are also murderers?


  1. Well put, Greg. And the most depraved sociopath will lie about why he murdered, thieved, and lied: to "defend" himself (against his victim).

  2. I second this. There is many criminal nations, "kleptocracies" I call them due to the fact that they murdered and committed genocide in order to take the country., The usa, germany, russia, china, it's a lond list. Suffice to quote Oscar Wilde, "methinks he doth protesteth too much"


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