Thursday, February 26, 2009

Israel's "Special" Relationship with the USA

Hmm, how is it that the world's leading terrorist state, Israel, enjoys such a special relationship with the USA?

Gosh, I wonder why we support a thuggish state like Israel?

Dang, I can almost figure this out, but not quite.

What make$ our politician$ act like whore$ for that nation of violent thug$$$$?

We LUV that apartheid state sooo much, we hand over tons of money and weapons each year so Israeli's can do this:

Guess we Americans gladly support the racists and bigots of Israel wholeheartedly, at least those Americans that still have homes.

1 comment:

  1. You're thuggish Falsetinian ProPALgandist!!!
    The picture where kids aim the gun into the Arab kid's head taken from Hamas propaganda theatrical stage, you moron!!!!..You so hate Jews and love Muslim terrorists until you get your lovers crowling through Mexico into the US to preper the next Jihadic war at your door step!!!!

    You desrve it !!!!


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