Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Would Jesus Torture?"

No, Jesus wouldn't, but Bush did... so did Cheney... and so will that phony-baloney "Change" scam artist, OBOMBA. The only "Change" some of those poor bastards that got caught up in sweeps in Afghanistan and Iraq, some due to jealousy, some to envious neighbors who wanted their property and some for revenge, is that the location of the torture chamber will "Change" from Gitmo to that new CIA built prison in Iraq and that new CIA built prison at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan.
That's the only "Change" they can hope for, since OBOMBA is just another in a long line of duplicitous, back-stabbing presidents who was chosen by insiders and "elected" to serve the wealthy elite, not WE THE PEOPLE.

Pic of a homemade sign I erected shortly on my farm's pasture, after the worthless SOB's in Congress passed the 2006 "Military Commissions Act" which legalized torture.

The sign is mounted in a pasture facing a major highway into Springfield, MO. It's facing a curve in that road, so that if you wish to look away and not see the sign, you'll risk running off the road.

Two years and six months later, despite numerous monsoon type rains, several record breaking ice storms, more than a few King Hell size wind storms, a flood and a couple of tornados, the sign is still standing strong.

P.S. The sign is a helluva lot bigger than it looks in this pic.

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