Thursday, April 16, 2009

Federal Reserve notes are unsigned checks written on a closed account

The Bankruptcy of The United States United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303 Representative James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:

The receivers of the United States bankruptcy are the international bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States offices, officials, and departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the constitutional republic form of government now dissolved, the receivers of the bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the United States. This new form of government is known as a democracy, being an established socialist/communist order under a new governor for America.

Mr. Speaker, we are here now in Chapter 11. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner’s report that will lead to our demise.

We the people no longer have any “money.” Most Americans have not been paid any “money” for a very long time, perhaps not in their entire life. Now do you comprehend why you feel broke? Now, do you understand why you are “bankrupt,” along with the rest of the country?
Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are unsigned checks written on a closed account. FRNs are an inflatable paper system designed to create debt through inflation (devaluation of currency). Whenever there is an increase of the supply of a money substitute in the economy without a corresponding increase in the gold and silver backing, inflation occurs.

The New $100,000.00 "Bernanke," scheduled for printing in the Fall of 2009.


Inflation is an invisible form of taxation that irresponsible governments inflict on their citizens. The Federal Reserve Bank who controls the supply and movement of FRNs has everybody fooled. They have access to an unlimited supply of FRNs, paying only for the printing costs of what they need. FRNs are nothing more than promissory notes for U.S. Treasury securities (T-Bills) — a promise to pay the debt to the Federal Reserve Bank.

There is a fundamental difference between “paying” and “discharging” a debt. To pay a debt, you must pay with value (i.e. gold, silver, barter or a commodity). With FRNs, you can only discharge a debt. You cannot pay a debt with a debt currency system. You cannot service a debt with a currency that has no backing in value or sub-stance. No contract in Common law is valid unless it involves an exchange of “good & valuable consideration.” Unpayable debt transfers power and control to the sovereign power structure that has no interest in money, law, equity or justice because they have so much wealth already.

Their lust is for power and control. Since the inception of central banking, they have controlled the fates of nations.
The Federal Reserve Act was legislated ex post-facto (to 1870), although ex post-facto laws are strictly forbidden by the Constitution. [1:9:3]

The Federal Reserve System is a sovereign power structure...

Traficant stood out for his blunt outspokenness and refusal to bow to political pressures. He has been serving an 8-year sentence in federal prison since July 30, 2002, and will be transfering to a halfway house on March 9, 2009. In “Target: Traficant — The Untold Story” Michael Collins Piper gives a detailed account of how Traficant was framed. Traficant refused to plead guilty to charges of improper financial dealings, claiming that the court had improperly not allowed him to call defense witnesses, nor present evidence that prosecution witnesses had been forced to lie. Remarkably, the prosecution (led by Michael Chertoff) offered no recordings of the alleged crimes despite an unusually large wiretapping effort.

Before 9/11, Traficant demanded that US troops prevent illegal aliens — and potential terrorists — from crossing the Mexican border. He attacked the corruption of Wall Street, high-level financial interests, the FBI and the Justice Department, and openly criticized US support for Israel as a threat to US security. Traficant was the only member of Congress to point out that US support for Israel was the root cause of the 9/11 attack. -- commentary by The Liberty Voice

From the excellent RedPill8 blog.

Tell a thousand lies or so to scare Americans into thinking Saddam was about to attack the US and was behind 9/11 and you're rewarded with a cushy, all expenses paid retirement, protected 24/7 by SS agents.
And guaranteed at least 20 million dollars in speaking fees for a moron who couldn't put together a coherent sentence.

Or you get a sweet job in some Zionist think tank, where you'll get a six figure income, as long as you keep telling more lies to protect Apartheid Israel.

Others will enjoy their private jets, limos, 5th Avenue penthouses and $5,000 dollars an hour call girls, as long as you keep lying to the American public about the snake pit known as the Federal Reserve.

But try and tell some truths about the Fed and Apartheid Israel and you'll get tossed in prison.

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