Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CIA Mercs disguised as Somali pirates attack another US ship, LIBERTY

That headline might be a work of fiction, but most likely it's the truth. This latest Pentagon "false-flag" will give that war mongering outfit the excuse it's been looking for to fight another war for Israel against another of Israel's "existential" enemies, Somalia.

Notice the name of the ship attacked? The LIBERTY Sun?

Yes, those dastardly pirates are attacking liberty and by gawd, us red-blooded Americans should be rallying around the flag of US Imperialism and get behind this latest war in what's known as the ISRAELI Front.

This bogus incident will also let OBOMBA show the world he's packing a huge pair by letting him engage in a time honored tradition of new American presidents; blowing to hell some 3rd world hovels.

Don't be surprised if some Special Forces in Somalia find some incriminating documents that show the Somali pirates were getting money, intelligence and weapons from Iran.

Just like they just happened to "find" a Bin Laden confession video in Afghanistan.

Lucky for the crew, NO ONE was injured and the ship "sustained" unspecified damage.

The last time a US ship named the Liberty was attacked, it was by ISRAEL and they used napalm, bombs and torpedeos in a 75 minute long attack that left 34 Americans dead.

Israel even machine gunned survivors trying to escape in life rafts. Damn good thing Israel is our friend. Can you imagine how many Americans they might of murdered if they were our enemy?

Say, 3,000 or more?

And the Pentagon did nothing, except to lie and cover up the savage and brutal attack on behalf of Israel.

Don't look for the Pentagon to act that way this time.

Somali pirates attack another US cargo ship with grenades and automatic weapons

A Navy destroyer carrying Captain Richard Phillips after he was rescued from armed Somali pirates this week had to divert to rescue another ship that was under attack yesterday.

The USS Bainbridge was called on to help a US cargo ship, the MV Liberty Sun, which was under attack by Somali pirates using rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons.

But by the time the destroyer reached the MV Liberty Sun the pirates had fled, giving up their attempt to hijack the ship or kidnap any of its crew.

Translation: The CIA mercenaries got word to get the fuck out of there before they were detected.
Tuesday’s brazen midday attack on the Liberty Sun in international waters off the African coast is further evidence that Somali pirates are back to business as usual.

The Liberty Sun's American crew were not injured but the vessel sustained unspecified damage in the attack, its owner, the Liberty Maritime Corp. said in a statement last night.

Earlier, the mother of a crew member of the Liberty Sun told of e-mails her son had sent while the crew barricaded themselves in the engine room when the ship came under attack.

Nice touch, get Mommy involved so Americans will get doubly enraged by someone attacking Mom and apple pie.
“We are under attack by pirates, we are being hit by rockets. Also bullets,” Thomas Urbik, 26, wrote in an e-mail on Tuesday. “We are barricaded in the engine room and so far no one is hurt. (A) rocket penetrated the bulkhead but the hole is small. Small fire, too, but put out.”

They used RPG's and one of those only caused a SMALL hole? WTF? RPG's have been known to take out armored tanks, so one shouldn't have any problem blowing a BIG hole into a cargo ship.
It was not immediately clear what happened next, but Mr Urbik sent a follow-up e-mail “that said he was safe and they had a naval escort taking them in”, his mother, Katy Urbik, said.

The attack on the MV Liberty Sun occurred hours after President Obama promised to halt the rise of piracy off the Horn of Africa.


  1. Yes, Greg, I do believe you're right about this. As anyone can see from this handy-dandy chart
    maritime piracy has been a worldwide headache for decades, one that our "hey, lookit Britney Spears' tits" worthless media whores have been perfectly happy to ignore, but now that it could give Washington's Jew masters a pretext for forming another "pincer jaw" in the ME, they're all over it like flies on shit. How subhumanly pathetic they are! Does killing journalists really count as murder, or is it actually "mercy killing" at this point? This looks like a job for the SPCA.

    With control of Iraq on the north, and Somalia on the south, the Jew Global Domination psychos will have a pincer in place around the entire Arabian peninsula, just like Iraq and Afghanistan gave them a pincer around Iran. I smell the criminal stench of Jew geopolitical shenanigans, for sure.

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