Sunday, May 3, 2009

55,000 already DEAD, hundreds of thousands hospitalized!!!

OMG!!! OMG!!! 55,000 dead? From what?

Swine flu?............... Nope.

Avian flu?................ Nope.

Bubonic Plague?.................. Nope.

The 55,000 dead was the deaths due to that killer drug, Vioxx, legally sanctioned by the FDA. And these deaths were from 1999-2003.

Nearly 14,000 deaths a year from a government approved drug , but you didn't see anywhere near the amount of hysteria from that death march. Hundreds of thousands more hospitalized due to reactions from the FDA's own Grim Reaper. Put into a hospital from nasty Vioxx effects like loss of stomach lining, heart attacks and spontaneous GI bleeding.

Hell, that's not medicine, that's a legalized form of Russian Roulette.

The Big Winners In The Flu Epidemic

The real winner is a Zionist consortium called Gilead Pharmaceuticals. The name Gilead is from a sacred Hebrew mountain.

At least 55,000 deaths from Vioxx, hundreds of thousands more hospitalized and where was the uproar back then?

This swine flu thing is being amped up way out of proportion, to scare the hell out of people and keep their minds off that Wall Street hand rifling thru their pocket, looking for any spare change and to keep eyes off the cap and trade scheme that is being debated in Congress.

If what was happening in Mexico was so damned dangerous, why didn't the feds close the border for a week or two?


  1. My mother-in-law lived with us the last year of her life. She died of a sudden heart attack at age 73. She had been on Vioxx for a good while as well as at least 10 other drugs.

    A couple of months before this she almost died from two days of taking prescribed Oxycontin pills. A 9-11 call and an injection of a stimulant saved her that time for 'the big one.'

    I went to the doctor with her one time and told him I thought the drugs she was on was causing most of her problems. He listened, she listened, but neither would agree to stop them.

    I would say the number of deaths from 'approved drugs' are actually much higher than what has been reported. My mother-in-law was not included in the stats as there was no follow up as to cause.

    The older folks are often just buried without any knowledge of how the toxic mix of drugs contributed or were the cause.

  2. I've lost count of the number of times we responded to some medical emergency in an elderly person's home and asked to see the drugs they were taking so we knew what we were dealing with.

    Time and again, they or a family member would pull out a shoe box or something similar in size and declare that these were the drugs they were taking.

    Christ, they would be on at least 10 different kinds of drugs, each and every one with its own unique side effects.

    A body can't handle being bounced around internally from all of those drugs and my guess is they cause more harm than good.

  3. Hey Kenny,

    Here's what really buries em: they TRUST DOCTORS. They once lived in a society in which doctors and other professionals usually had some integrity and civic spirit and thus actually rated respect, and they think it's still true— BIG mistake. They don't want to know that the sweet wholesome America of their youth has become a vicious criminal free-for-all.

    Allopathic medicine probably started out thousands of years ago as a Jew vampire racket preying on people's desperation to shyster them out of their life savings, and now thanks to the Jew-dominated AMA and medical schools that's all it is again. The Jew social cancer destroys EVERYTHING. So American MDs are now psychopathic greedy trash just like their Talmudic cultural mentors. Simple. Fuck um, kill um. Hopefully they'll try to use their "superior class intellect" to stop you— then you get to really go medieval. You know, people don't actually need a face to ... "live"? It's a medical fact.

  4. That drug was given to Japanese school children a few years back. Almost 3/4 of them tried to commit suicide under its influence and a good number of them were left mentally challenged forever.


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