Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Wanna Be Just Like Glenn Beck?"

It's easy, just bend over, grab your ankles and stick your head up your ass, then tell people this is what rodeo clowns do for laughs.

Mr. Beck, applying some internal makeup, preparing for his FOX show


Just think of all the money you'll save on toilet paper, since your tongue can now fulfill that duty! And all that extra money you'll make working for FOX!


  1. Thats why rednecks have shit tooth, they take a bite

  2. Gimme your email and I can send you that same photo with the star of David emblazoned across the buttocks. Grinssssssssssssss. For the life of me I cannot remember what piece I used it for, but you are welcome to hunt through the last 200+ pieces and it is in there somewhere. LOL.

    And.. btw we know why that protocol thing is. Planned genocide is just not something you admit to, no matter how obvious it is.

    I have always said, to these guys, the only good Palestinian is one who lies down on his back in front of them and asks them to "Please kill me, Mr. Nice Jew. I would be ever so grateful, and g-d bless you, thank you ever so much, Mr. Nice Jew Sir".

    Very small thing, probably the least expensive thing the goddamn fisherman robbing, humanitarian boat bashing bastards buy, but it is good publicity.

    If you want to learn who does what and who to go for, let me send you a great site.


  3. I think someone's fucking with your site. Like jews.

  4. Anon you are wrong.

    Barbara fucks arround with Palestinians..........

  5. I'm never wrong. You smelly hebe.

  6. rednecks nazis don't know whats wrong or not, as pigs don't have this ability

  7. and BTW redneck Anon you are wrong, ask Barbara, she has a Palestinian that fuck her ass..............


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