Friday, August 28, 2009

AIPAC to go on mourning for Ted Kennedy

According to one tally, Ted Kennedy voted 100 percent in concert with positions taken by Aipac, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Tom Dine, who served as Aipac’s executive director from 1980-93, was a defense and foreign policy advisor to Kennedy.

In the run-up to his tough 1994 Senate campaign against Mitt Romney, Kennedy accumulated some $45,000 from pro-Israel political action committees over the years, according to former Aipac legislative director Doug Bloomfield, “and presumably a lot more from individual pro-Israel donors, considering his long record of support for U.S. taxpayer aid for Israel.”

In the 1980 presidential race, writes Jeffrey S. Helmreich, “polls indicated that Carter would beat Kennedy in the New York Democratic primary by a margin of 54 to 28 percent. But on March 1, Carter’s UN Ambassador, Donald F. McHenry, voted for a viciously anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council condemning Israeli settlement activity in Jerusalem. Three weeks later, Kennedy beat Carter in New York by 59 percent to 41 percent.”

In a statement following Kennedy’s death, Israeli Prime Miniiter Benjamin Netanyahu said, “(Senator) Kennedy has been a friend for 30 years, a great American patriot, a great champion of a better world, a great friend of Israel. He will be sorely missed.”
Source: Jewish Journal

Another branch of AIPAC, the ADL, announced that it too would be wearing black for 30 days, to honor Ted 'Moshe' Kennedy. Abe Foxman, ADL's head, said he bought a smart DKNY black evening gown and matching pumps that he will wear to honor the Senator from Tel Aviv.

Perhaps 'Teddy' was trying to avoid the same fate Israel meted out to his brothers?

Q. "What do you tell a Senator from Massachusetts who is about to vote on an issue affecting Israel?"

A." Not a damn thing, since you done told him twice"

Is any better praise needed than that from one of the 9/11 architects?


  1. Foxman in a sharp black evening gown with matching pumps? I am oh, so curious!, to know just what his other accessories will be.

    Zionist blue Sapphires perchance? Might he consider a beautiful Star of David tiara?

    I think he would look very pretty so long as his bustier pushes him up and shapes him properly for the event.

    Gags at the thought of him in lipstick, but a wig would go a long way to covering up his... face.

  2. How much lipstick does it take to turn a pig into a swan?

  3. Asked the BACON !!!

  4. jooz are parasites. It's no coincidence that they've been kicked out of every nation on Earth. We can only hope that the USA is soon to be added to the list!

  5. Anon

    They were NO nations then IDIOT

  6. Great joke about Mass. senators because its true. This state owned lock, stock, and barrel by Zionist interests.

  7. This state owned lock, stock, and barrel by Zionist interests.

    Like much of the rest of the USA.

  8. Just gonna give you something new to think about here. These parasites, like all parasites, drain the life out of the carcass of their host. They are already leaving this host although there is still much to drain yet.

    They are moving to China next. It is where they are already setting up and they have even financially set themselves up to "own" the US due to debt. I will be writing more on this once I have more information to work with.

    But it fits, they drain, they betray, then move on to the next healthy host. Think on it folks.


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