Saturday, August 22, 2009

GOLDFELLAS (Goodfellas spoof of Goldman Sachs)

When you think of that missing 23 TRILLION DOLLARS the Fed has handed out to its buddies like Goldman Sachs and refuses to say who got the loot or what is being done with the haul, then maybe this video isn't so funny?

Add in the fact that Goldman Sachs is still playing hi-roller gambler with derivatives and credit default swaps, then the laughter might turn to howls of pain... of knowing that another tax payer bailout of Wall Street is still in the works... if it ever stopped.
JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs...Gambling High Rollers

These two firms are the top two largest dealers in Credit Default Swaps CDS). If I am correct in my thinking Credit Default Swaps are what brought down AIG because they could not cover the bets. Yes, cover the bets as many say trading CDS is a form of gambling and some in Congress have even said it is illegal gambling. writes in their article:

“This growing dependence on a limited number of counterparties, for better or worse, appears to be a permanent feature of the market and can be traced to the collapse” of market-makers such as Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Bear Stearns Cos., Fitch analysts wrote in the report.

In a report published in June, JPMorgan was the largest trader of credit derivatives among U.S. commercial-bank holding companies, with $7.5 trillion (emphasis added) in gross contracts outstanding at the end of the first quarter, according to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Goldman had the second-most contracts outstanding at $6.6 trillion (emphasis added), Morgan Stanley was third with $6.3 trillion, Bank of America Corp. had $5.6 trillion and Citigroup Inc. had $2.9 trillion, according to the OCC report.

If this type of transaction is so toxic and led to the collapse of so many other firms which led to the multi billion dollar bailouts then why are we still allowing this type of transaction and why are JP and Goldman the leaders of the pack.

Credit is still defaulting which means that these gambling debts will have to be paid off by someone. AIG had over $12 trillion dollars of CDS's and these two firms have a combined total of over $14.1 TRILLION.

Who's money are they betting with and will the taxpayer have to be the backers once again? I would love to go to a casino and place bets with no money - just chips that I created - then have a whole nation to cover my losses.

"What a country".

JP and Goldman are the true High Rollers in this casino.


  1. Thank you, sincerely.

    This is exactly what I've been trying to publicize at my site.

    And much much more.


    Add in the fact that Goldman Sachs is still playing hi-roller gambler with derivatives and credit fault swaps, then the laughter might turn to howls of pain... of knowing that another tax payer bailout of Wall Street is still in the works... if it ever stopped.

  2. It's the world's largest casino and the players don't have to worry about their losses, since a kindly 'Uncle' will pick up the tab.

    And they get to take home the winnings.

    A tiny fraction of all the money that Wall Street stole from our pension funds and 401k retirement accounts would've funded health care for everyone.

    But we serfs don't count.

  3. thanks for posting my video, keep spreading the word, Matt

  4. Goldman-Sachs execs blame anti-Semitism for unpopularity

  5. "Anti-Semitic'???

    Yes, it's the same old BS. Anytime one of these Khazar descendants get caught stealing or perpetuating a fraud or harvesting human organs at gunpoint, just scream 'anti-Semite' long and loud until the orginal charge is forgotten.

    Abe Foxman and the ADL has been leading this mid-direction for months over the Wall Street looting, blaming it on 'anti-Semitism.'

    Wrong, Abe, we're just pointing out that there are thieves in our midst.

  6. Abe Foxman

    GreG Bacon Converts to Khazarism, so he cannot be Anti Semite/khazar/edomite/Cna'an/.... or whatever names they come out with)
    but Since Bacon is not a Kosher name(you know PIG's....)
    He changes it to Cattle....
    but damn, that's what they say we call Christians, so I guess Greg sheep will be good enough.


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