Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Is there a cure for stupidity and will my HMO cover it?

"See here, bub! You're not going to sell me on some phony-baloney health care! I want to keep paying $1,000 dollars a month for my medical insurance, even though it has a $5,000 dollar deductible and $8,000 dollars in co-pays. And yes, it doesn't cover everything, but who needs two kidneys? Huh? So back off, bub, and don't get between the private insurance companies ability to make $400 BILLION a year off chumps like me and my ability to keep uniformed!"

"Now shut up before I put YOU in the hospital. Damned free speech, some people act like it was some kind of right or something!"

When all else fails, just make fun and laugh at a single working mother who wonders how she can pay for health care.

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