Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet the head of the Fed Counterfeiting Department, Ben "Shalom" Bernanke

I’ve watched with first amusement, then disgust, and ultimately outrage as various pundits proclaimed Bernanke’s efforts “saved the financial system” or helped the US “weather the storm.” Bernanke did NO such thing. You could train a chimpanzee to hit the “print money” button at the Fed every-time the Fed phone rings with a Wall Street number and get the same results. To date, Bernanke has spent or put the taxpayer on the hook for some $24 TRILLION in bailouts, lending windows, and off balance sheet arrangements.


Banks remain insolvent (if you marked their assets at market value, they’d all wipe out equity in a second), mortgages remain underwater, hundreds of thousands of Americans continue to lose their jobs every month, foreign investors grow increasingly distrustful of the dollar, and the financial system continues to have multiple black swans… all of which could bring about another CRASH.

Indeed, anyone looking to proclaim Bernanke as a savior should review the below video which shows that the guy DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE about the financial system/ economy from 2005-2007. Just click on the below image to watch (video should load in your Internet Browser). Prepare to see an Ivy-league educated guy who’s in charge of our monetary system NOT see the biggest housing bubble in US history OR the worst financial crisis since the ‘30s (an era on which he is an alleged expert).

Video of Bernanke’s mistakes:

However, to focus on Bernanke’s incompetence is to overlook his culpability in destroying Americans’ wealth. In the last 12 months alone, the man has committed perjury (he lied under oath about no longer monetizing debt), embezzlement ($24 trillion gone to banks at least $9 trillion of which no one, not even the head of oversight at the Fed, kept track of), fraud (any proclamation of green shoots or recovery is fraud), corruption (forcing Bank of America to buy Merrill Lynch), and more.

It would, in fact, be no exaggeration to say that Ben Bernanke is a financial criminal on a scale that makes Bernie Madoff look like Mr. Rogers. Madoff ripped off $50 billion. Bernanke is currently destroying the middle class in the US, trashing our currency, worsening EVERY Americans’ quality of life, and erasing any hopes of retirement for millions of Boomers.

In simple terms, Bailout Ben, in a mere year and a half, has overseen the destruction of 30% of US household wealth (from a housing and stock bubble he FAILED to see coming while working under Greenspan). He has yet to do a single thing to protect the average American or the dollar, but instead has opted to funnel trillions of taxpayer dollars over to Wall Street so that Goldman Sachs and friends could claim they’re not insolvent and pay themselves RECORD bonuses.



  1. They put Greenspan on the front of Time Mag with the EXACT same words. Saved the financial system, god of money, etc. This was during Clinton's time. By now he had set things into gear while under Reagan and was in full gear organizing the situation we are in now!

    Meanwhile, the magazines and media are calling him a HERO! And the American memory is so shattered and traumatized that few remember those words with that old thieving charlatan.

    But this Bernanke fool. They buy into it, I am sorry, that is twice in two generations. They are letting themselves be robbed a second time, following the same lines. It is Very harsh coming from yours peace loving truly, but, the first time, they got screwed.

    If the same agenda gets them again, dear god the dumbing down succeeded!

    Obama has put crooks all around him to steal more and more from you Americans. THAT is his job. He is there to appease the masses while the theft goes on.

    The Jews are working on their last big haul or two from America. This latest financial rally is a set up. They will not be happy until they have it all. They are wiping out the place of everything of value as they have of previous civilizations, and moving on.

    My bet is China where they have been investing heavily for the past decade. They are very good at draining their host and then moving on to the best new host they can find. And then from the new place literally squeezing the old corpse of every thing it has from tooth fillings to salvageable breast implants.

    Bernanke was chosen for this role. Do not believe a thing they say about him. Just as Obummer was chosen. They fit the actions the Rothschilds and Schiffs and Oppenheimers and Strauss and Windsors want.

    Part of the enslavement of our nations because once in China, they will avail themselves of the millions upon millions of soldiers . You do NOT want to know where I am going with this. But Bernanke is the last call before the final debauchery.

  2. While i think of it. I have found a photographer who goes to the abandoned and emptied neighbourhoods of those who have fallen financially. The shots are awesome and sad.

    What I have noticed is this, with the housing thing. The oldest and longest abandoned were the black and poor white neighbourhoods. And according to something I heard on Democracy Now the other day, they are working up the chain.

    They also plan these evacuations. It has nothing to do with who is most in debt, it is where they are and what neighbourhood they want to remove then.

    They have bitten and nipped away at the middle class, something they have no use for. They want 2 classes.. us and them.

    And Bernanke is doing it. And why do we need retirement. You know what that means? It means we are useless eaters not doing something. If you are not working you are useless. Notice how much younger kids are starting school. The media up here actually has people celebrating kindergarten for 3 and 4 year olds!

    Once you cannot work, spend, pay taxes, pfft you are a liability. That is part of their agenda. And they don't have to pay for your meds, increasing health requirements, etc etc etc.

    This all fits together.. Bernanke and Rahm's brother with the medical... and Obama. It is the same agenda in high gear.

  3. Yep, it's the biggest robbery in broad daylight in recorded history.

    Aided and abetted by distractions like 'al Qeada,' Afghanistan and general ignorance.

    The schools have so dumbed down people they think that the Fed is here to help.

    The only thing they're helping themselves is to our money.


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