Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nosferatu and Michael Chertoff: Separated at birth?

"Nosferatu" was the original vampire movie, made in 1922. Notice how the 'undead' Nosferatu and 'Mikey Chertoff look similar?

Must be from feeding on humans.

If you ask questions about 9/11 or wonder if the 9/11 Commission got snookered by the Bush-Cheney mob, then you're 'un-American,' a Holocaust™ denier and worse.

Just because the name 'Chertoff' in Russian means the 'son of the devil' should have no bearing on this subject, nor that 'Mikey' Chertoff is the cousin of the 'Bennie' Chertoff that tried to blur 9/11 investigation in the "Popular Mechanics" article, "911: Debunking the Myths

And don't even question Mr. Chertoff on his Israeli connections!


  1. Brilliant comparison!

    Nothing more need be said. WHY the HELL is the media reviving these monsters on talk shows again?

    Haven't we had enough of them already?

  2. Haven't we had enough of them already?

    We have, but the 'thinking impaired' can't get enough of these manufactured scares.

    Makes them find refuge in "Dancing with the Stars" and digging up the latest dirt on the Hollywooed blonde bimbo du jour.

  3. This is one of the funniest posts I've ever seen, probably becuase it's so true! LMAO!!!!

    JEWS gotta go.


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