Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama gives HUGE bonus to merc outfits like Blackwater

U.S. to boost combat force in Afghanistan September 2, 2009

Reporting from Washington - U.S. officials are planning to add as many as 14,000 combat troops to the American force in Afghanistan by sending home support units and replacing them with "trigger-pullers," Defense officials say.

The move would beef up the combat force in the country without increasing the overall number of U.S. troops, a contentious issue as public support for the war slips. But many of the noncombat jobs are likely be filled by private contractors, who have proved to be a source of controversy in Iraq and a growing issue in Afghanistan.

The plan represents a key step in the Obama administration's drive to counter Taliban gains and demonstrate progress in the war nearly eight years after it began.

Forces that could be swapped out include units assigned to noncombat duty, such as guards or lookouts, or those on clerical and support squads.
"Oh hell yes, says Erik Prince of Blackwater/Xce."

Replace US troops guarding other troops with mercs who get paid by the kill and see how many 'suicide' bombers start infiltrating US Army and Marine bases, causing untold death and destruction.

Are we going to keep supporting these endless wars for 'Empire and Israel' or start taking care of the USA before it falls apart completely?

How many more of our dead kids have to come home in 'transfer tubes' before we wake up?

And just where in the hell is all this money coming from to fund these wars? We're so broke we can only borrow money to pay the interest on the money we already borrowed.

Guess they'll pull all of these trillions off that "Magic Money Tree" that grows in DC and sprouts hundred dollar bills.


  1. Hi Greg,

    Please check out this story below since it happened right here in my town.

    Police say Bangar was called "Taliban" and "terrorist" by the men during the Thursday morning attack.

    "We get involved with this any time anti-Muslim slurs are used, regardless whether the alleged victim is a Muslim himself," said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based organization.

    Pleasanton police arrested 33-year-old Michael Goldstein of Danville and 27-year-old Jacob Billingsley, of Alamo, on suspicion of assaulting their cabdriver. Police have also asked the district attorney's office to review the case for possible hate crime enhancements to the charges they face.


    muslims are coming to get us!

    Goldstein forgot to yell "anti semite!"

  2. 'Jacob' and 'Mikey'? Two Tribe members getting their hate on.

    The poor guy they assaulted was a Sikh.


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