Friday, September 18, 2009

Zionist Broadcasting System Welcomes You to our Fall Schedule!

ZBS, the world-wide net that circles the globe and is responsible for fine programs like "9/11: Why HAMAS and Hezbollah attacked New York" and the never ending Holocaust™ telethon for the 666,000 SHOAH™ survivors is pleased to add several programs to our Fall schedule that should enchant and keep peacefully chewing their cud our American audience.

The first offering is "The Rebbe" which is the story of Lev Rosenbaum, a New Jersey Rabbi who travels the world, looking for kidneys, hearts and livers to harvest from our herd. Watch "The Rebbe" use skillful persuasion and a .357 Magnum to coax his subject into back-alley operating rooms, all to save the lives of G-d's 'Chosen.'
(Producer's note: "The Rebbe" will be temporarily postponed, due to vile anti-Semitism and a Jew hating prosecutor who is trying to make Rabbi Lev post bail)

Next up is "Our Boys in Blue" a tender look at the brave IDF troops who put it all on the line, defending Israel from the Muslim hordes. Follow the daily routine of 'Bennie,' 'Ariel' and 'Ehud' as they set up a sniper post 600 yards outside Gaza and pick off uppity Gazans who think they need water to drink and food to live.
You'll enjoy the high definition close-ups of disintegrating heads and exploding stomachs as our 'best of the best' target Palestinian kids and their pregnant mothers. The Hasidic Rabbi focus groups we showed this to at select synagogues howled with laughter at the zesty carnage!!

Last, but certainly not least, is our look into MOSSAD ops around the world, entitled, "Die GOY, DIE" which looks into the intrepid exploits of MOSSAD agents as they are welcomed into the halls of power around the globe, from the US Congress, to our man in Paris, to 10 Downing Street to Germany's Bundestag, where they coax, bribe, set off false-flags, threaten, ply with sexual favors and to keep the free-thinkers in line, execute the occasional 'suicide' of some fool who thinks he/she should actually serve their public.

So tune in to ZBS and we think you'll be glad you did.

Some of our guests appearing this season on "Die, GOY, DIE"


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