Friday, November 13, 2009

EPA's own employees say "Cap and Trade" scheme is BOGUS

The onerous "Cap and Trade" scheme that Al Gore and the WH are trying to shove down our throats and up another body part will do NOTHING to help eliminate greenhouse gases, but will go a long ways to eliminating what little money you might have left.

Wall Street is salivating over this scheme, since hundreds of billions of dollars will flow into the big banks, like GOLDMINE Sachs each year to finance and arrange these "Cap and Trade" schemes.

The next big stock market bubble.

If DC was truly interested in ridding the atmosphere of greenhouse gases, they'd legislate generous tax breaks for homeowners installing photovoltaic cells or wind turbines to generate home electricity and provide generous tax breaks to the manufacturers of the same.

Not only would that reduce the amount of coal we're burning, it'd also put millions to work, both manufacturing the cells and turbines and installing them on homes.

But that would give Americans some independence from Big Oil and Wall Street run Co-ops and letting Americans taste freedom is the LAST thing DC thugs wish to do.

Defying Gov't Censorship, EPA Attorneys Speak Out Against White House-Backed Climate Change Proposal "Cap and Trade"
JUAN GONZALEZ: The Environmental Protection Agency is being accused of trying to silence two longtime EPA enforcement attorneys who have publicly criticized a key component of the climate change legislation being considered by Congress. Last week, the EPA directed Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel to remove or edit a video they posted to YouTube that warns a cap-and-trade plan will not effectively combat global warming and is, quote, “fatally flawed.” The couple instead advocate for a solution involving carbon fees with rebates.

The video is titled “The Huge Mistake” and was posted to the web in September. The agency issued its warning only after the couple published an opinion article in the Washington Post in late October, which echoed concerns raised in the video. The EPA also said they would have to get approval for any future outside writing projects.

AMY GOODMAN: Well, these are the two sentences the EPA ordered Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel to remove from the video or face “disciplinary action.”

ALLAN ZABEL: Our opinions are based on more than twenty years each working as attorneys at the US Environmental Protection Agency in the San Francisco regional office. In my work at EPA, I have been overseeing California’s cap-and-trade and offset programs for more than twenty years.

AMY GOODMAN: EPA says it’s simply asking the couple to follow government ethics rules that require them to state that their views are their own and not those of the agency. But the couple do state in the video that they were speaking in their capacity as private citizens, parents and a married couple, and not on behalf of the EPA.

ALLAN ZABEL: However, nothing in this video is intended to represent the views of EPA or the Obama administration.
Their website, which explains in further detail their stand against "Cap and Trade." I admire their courage, but not their replacement to "Cap and Trade."

They advocate for a "Carbon Tax" to be put on high emitters of greenhouse gases and to use that money to help average American deal with the rise in electricity prices caused by the taxes placed on companies like electric utilities, the biggest users of coal.

Does anyone truly think that a rogue government that has looted the Highway Trust Fund, Social Security, the Airport Trust Fund and Medicare and used that money to finance our never ending 'Wars for Empire and Israel' would actually refund that taxed money to "We the People?"

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  1. Cap and trade legislation will hurt Americans. We will be forced to pay higher prices for everything, including food and gasoline. The worst part is that it will be all for naught, because this legislation will do absolutely nothing for the environment. Write your Senators and voice opposition to cap and trade at


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