Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obama agrees to wash & wax Jewish Federation's luxury autos

U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to make his first major address to the Jewish community since taking office when he speaks Nov. 9 in Washington at the annual conference of the United Jewish Communities and The Jewish Federations of North America.

Obama bows and scrapes to his Yid masters.... AGAIN. OBOMBA will chastise and threaten Iran while ignoring the IDF criminal activities committed during "Operation Eat Lead," when that 'light unto nations' used White Phosphorous to 'light' up Palestinian women and children

Obama will babble on about how great a friend Israel is to the USA.

A friend that constantly spies on the USA, stealing our military and business secrets... an ally that used its agents to steal trillions of dollars of our wealth thru various Wall Street scams... a buddy that has savagely attacked US personnel, ships and installations.

A friend that has so thoroughly corrupted the US Congress that our foreign policy is now crafted in Tel Aviv, not DC. A foreign policy that puts Israel first, second and third and leaves America not only cleaning up Zionist messes, but paying for them in lives and treasure.

And one who played a BIG part in 9/11.

Yes, that's our friend, Israel.

P.S. Obama, better bring along some hankies to wipe those unseemly white splatters off your face so the cameras don't pick up what you were doing... and some kneepads, don't want to dirty up your suit!

After all, your the "Prez" and must maintain some dignity!!!

Yes, Mr. OBOMBA, this is the "Change" you so eloquently promised!!


  1. I hope someone has a camera rolling tomorrow to 'document the event.'

    Being on his knees and wallowing in the mud with his friends always makes for a good show.

  2. Unfortunately, Obama had to cancel the speech because he will be attending the memorial for the victims of the Fort Worth massacre. The Jewish Federation of North America says that "White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel will address the GA on behalf of the Obama Administration."

  3. Crap! Rahmbo addresses his dear friends and gloats. Bet the session is held in Yiddish because English is the language of goyim.

    I almost called him a snake, but I just cannot do that because I have had snakes as pets and they are decent lil things.

    Can you believe, according to GQ he is considered to be #1 most influential man in Washington? And his brother is close to second I am sure.

    Obummer washing cars? You know while Obummer is down on his knees they will have other uses for him but we cannot discuss these things in polite society.

  4. "I hope someone has a camera rolling tomorrow to 'document the event."


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