Monday, November 9, 2009

Questions that need to be ASKED and ANSWERED about the Ft. Hood shootings

1. Where were the base Military Police (MP) during this episode and why did it take a civilian cop from neighboring Killeen, TX to respond and take down the shooter(s)?
Didn't the MP's patrol that part of the base and why weren't they first on the scene?

2. Why were we lied to for over four hours that the shooter was dead, when all along, they knew they had someone in custody, wounded, that had been shot by the Killeen cop and had pockets full of pistol magazines?

3. What is the name of the person or persons originally identified as the shooter(s) and proclaimed to be dead and what changed that scenario?

4. This report says that 'US intelligence officials' were aware that Hasan tried to contact 'al Qaeda?' And did what, nothing or promote him to Major?

Are they lying or just totally incompetent? Or both? Oh, and he also liked to visit 'strip bars.' Sound familiar?

5. Why are the dead being transported half a country away to Delaware for an autopsy? Can't they perform those in Texas?

6. How is it that a someone claiming to be a 'retired' Army Colonel, Terry Lee, was able to get on the air at FOX that afternoon and pass on rumor and second hand stories as news?
And how is it that this same person claimed to have worked with Hasan at Hood and went with him to a conference six months ago? Hasan didn't start at Hood until July, less than FOUR months ago, and why isn't this Terry Lee on any Army web site that deals with retirees?

7. Why haven't they released recordings of the 9/11 emergency calls?

8. What happened to the original reports coming from witnesses that heard "automatic weapons fire?" If anyone would know what an auto sounds like, it would be soldiers, so who scrubbed this inconvenient fact and why?

9. This AP story said that there had been at least TWO shooters in TWO different locations. What happened to that second shooter?

All these and more need to be asked and answered in a PUBLIC forum if the American people are to get at the real facts surrounding this tragedy.


  1. ABC news tonight led off with the al qaeda angle. I'm just shaking my head in amazement that they can take it that far. They really think that the public is that stupid and I'm afraid they may be right.

  2. Greg, are you copying this.
    do you remember from some other site, someone who was a lousey speller? who served in the 11th ACR? 69 to 72? i need to have a talk with you but not here in the open. it is most urgent. out

  3. Total fucking psy-op...except it SUCKS BALLS.


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