Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why the Jews Own ALL of Israel, most of the ME... and YOU!

Because their G-d said so, and who can talk back to a G-d?

Their G-d said to "kill, butcher, slaughter, massacre, annihilate, vaporize, exterminate, maim, make homeless, liquidate, terrorize, drive into the desert, murder, rape, blow to bits, cover in White Phosphorous, shell and machine gun as many Arabs/Muslims as they could to fulfill the Zionist dream of an "Eretz Israel." To steal ALL their land and possessions and then scream that the Jews are the victims and if G-d said this, it must be Gospel!

Drawing of 'Eretz Israel,' which is being paid for by the deaths of our sons, daughters, husbands, wives and other relatives. Be grateful that their G-d allowed you to sacrifice a family member to 'Eretz Israel.'


And to lie, lie some more and then lie even more to all non-Jews. To rob the GOYIM of all their money and use it to prop up Apartheid Israel for 1,000 years. To pull con games on the unsuspecting and gullible and take their money, after all, their G-d decreed this and after all, who can argue with G-d... besides a Rabbi?

To use this stolen wealth to buy or control most of the world's MSM so the Jews can use those forums to further poison the minds of the GOYIM, this is what their G-d proclaimed, so it must be a most holy mandate, to be obeyed by all, including you!

To scare the cattle their G-d has provided, us GOYIM with Holocaust™ fictions and lies. And those who ask questions or don't worship this Jewish religion called the Holocaust™, will be attacked, both physically and economically and finally tossed in prison, this is what the Jewish G-d has made into a Commandment.

To attack anyone anywhere and call it 'self-defense,' but mostly to attack their #1 friend and supporter, the USA, this the Jewish G-d had written in stone. Attack them at sea, like the attacks against the USS Liberty and Cole, attack them on land, like the 1983 bombing of the Marines barracks in Lebanon and attack them at home, which is what happened on 9/11. This their G-d has promulgated and who can say that their G-d is wrong?

USS Liberty

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USS Cole

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This is what the kindly, peaceful, benevolent, caring and loving G-d of the Jews has decreed.

And NO ONE can disagree, if you do, you're just a vile, loathsome Anti-Semite and will be dealt with, now that the ADL has gotten it's 'Hate Crimes Law' passed!


  1. Off topic,


    What do you think & your take on it please ....
    Deadly shooting at U.S. Army base

    oh great, here comes the imaginary boogie/sleep cell attcks right on US soil ... run for your life!!

  2. They'll 'find' documents on his computer that link him to 'al Qaeada' or something and discover he has relatives in Gaza and was upset about the US House damning the Goldstone Report.

    Isn't it interesting that whenever Israel gets in hot water, some mysterious incident happens that distracts attention?

  3. Thanks Greg & agreed 100%!

    This "cry wolf" act is getting so old & predictable.


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