Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Let's Party! You Bring the Tar and I'll Bring the Feathers!"

A Quiz on US president Obama vs GW Bush

1. Which one, Obama or Bush, killed more civilians in his first year in office?

2. Which one, Obama or Bush, has broken more campaign promises in his first year in office?

3. Which one, Obama or Bush, has started more wars his first year in office?

4. Which one, Obama or Bush, has shoveled more of our money to Wall Street thru the Fed?

5. Which one, Obama or Bush, in his first year has increased the Pentagon budget to record levels?

6. Which one, Obama or Bush, promised a new era of transparency and then went about concealing his actions?

7. Which one, Obama or Bush, promised to not hire lobbyists and then went to work hiring lobbyists in his administration?

8. Which one, Obama or Bush, said he'd tax oil company windfall profits and then reneged once in office?

9. Which one, Obama or Bush, won "Advertising Age's marketer of the year for 2008." (Hint: 2007's winner was Nintendo)

10. Which one, Obama or Bush, used the 'al Qaeda' boogieman to scare the hell out of Americans?

The answer to all, except #10, is Obama.

#10's answer is both Bush and Obama.


  1. When people stop dividing their brains with brand identifications that are meaningless and certainly not worth taking a bullet for,they will have achieved a significant maturity on their way to becomming a real person instead of a tax number of a corporation which is a fake real person pretenting to be.Stop pretending to be anything other than human and leave the acting to actors.What we have now is one big moshcadoo that nobody can eat much less stomach.When you see anyone in uniform they are not people they are pretenders who can't be trusted to act humanely.The minute they dressed up they gave up their humanity to hide behide a fake identity.Imagine TSA goons naked.I know its disgusting.What a bunch of jellyfish.The last time I flew out Detroit roving gangs of them were going gate to gate as people were boarding for yet another once over of the sheep and this adorable little hippy boy was singled out for another carry-on search.That pissed me off.What profile did he fit?

  2. We've become a nation of those who adore war mongers.

    We have met the enemey and he is us.


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