Sunday, January 24, 2010

Those 1,000 Missing Bodies from the WTC Site

Even when a body is cremated, the large bones like the femur, don't burn. So how in the hell could a fire that didn't last long enough vaporize bodies?

Cremation is the process by which a body is exposed to extreme heat, usually 1800 - 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours or more.

World's Largest Crematorium or World's Largest Inside Job?


How Strong Is The Evidence For A Controlled Demolition?
What is especially striking in the collapse of both towers is the enormous volume of material being ejected early in the collapse, and the quantity of shattered steel thrown out ahead of the dust clouds. Much of this broken steel consists of neatly chopped one-story long pieces of the perimeter columns, 14" square steel box columns that are assembled in three-story sections. These columns are also welded to 52" deep plates along each floor, but have somehow been broken free of these at the same time they are chopped up and ejected at high speed. This combination of shattered debris with dust and smoke ejected at high speed makes for a textbook picture of the effects of high explosives.
Just another of those 9/11 mysteries that defy physics and logic, like that NIST report that had to conjure up a new term, thermal expansion to describe a physical impossibility.

1000 Missing Bodies
So Falling Buildings Vaporize People?

The massive operation to clean up Ground Zero was described as a rescue operation for weeks, as if anyone could have survived an event that turned all the buildings' concrete to dust. The event didn't spare the corpses either, as they were vaporized, according to the coroner.

Three months after the Sept. 11 attacks, World Trade Center victims' families are being forced to face the ghastly possibility that many of the dead were "vaporized," as the medical examiner put it, and may never be identified.
The fires were limited to small parts of the buildings. How did the collapse of the buildings vaporize thousands of bodies? It takes exposure of a body to 1400-1800 degrees F for at least two hours to cremate a body.

An entire year after the attack, the medical examiner had identified only half of the victims, despite a well-funded forensic effort using the most advanced DNA identification techniques. 19,906 remains were recovered from Ground Zero. 4,735 of those have been identified. Up to 200 remains have been linked to a single person. Of the 1,401 people identified, 673 of the IDs were based on DNA alone. Only 293 intact bodies were found.

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