Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bin Laden Inc. to Release Their 2010 Appearance Schedule

Washington--Rita Katz of SITE today released the 2010 schedule for the remaining appearances by Bin Laden Inc. Ms. Katz said she found the document while surfing the web and has been invited to the Senate to give testimony and details about Bin Laden's 2010 itinerary.

Ms. Katz says that the fact her father was caught in Iraq spying for Israel and executed by Saddam Hussein has no bearing on her activities. Nor should anyone infer anything from the fact that she has been on the FBI's payroll.
Nor should anyone think that since her team is made up of RAND spooks and Israeli Jews that they would have ulterior motives.

"The upcoming 2010 midterm elections in the USA will provide fertile ground for Bin Laden Inc. to use for spreading their terrorist message," said Katz. "I look for Bin Laden Inc. to issue many a recording, threatening the American public with another 9/11 if they vote against the Democrats," said Katz.

"And those seeking to re-open the 9/11 investigation will be set upon by Bin Laden Inc. Bin Laden Inc. is very proud of their work on that day and will go to great lengths to protect it's "GWOT" copyright against those seeking to negate these splendid wars the USA is pursuing in the ME and SW Asia."

Ms. Katz said to be on the lookout for threats from Bin Laden Inc. to also start popping up in France, where French leader and former MOSSAD agent Sarkozy's party recently suffered a stinging defeat at the polls

"I'm sure Bin Laden Inc. will try and take advantage of Sarkozy's stunning rebuke by issuing dire warnings to the French to vote against Mr. Sarkozy's party from now until the 2012 elections, just like Bin Laden Inc. did last Fall against German PM Merkel, warning the German public to vote against Merkel's party or else! The Germans got the message and voted Merkel back into power, throwing cold water on terror's plan," said Ms. Katz.

Bin Laden Inc is owned by the MOSSAD/CIA Group, which is part of ZIOCON Enterprises, which is a subsidiary of the Bringers of Light Corporation

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  1. Greg, is it just me who thinks Danny Pipes looks a lot like Binny Pipes opps Binny Liedin?


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