Friday, March 12, 2010

Obama 'picks' another Jew to serve on Federal Reserve

I don't get it. Where is it written that Jews and only Jews shall make up a super majority of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors? Is there some kind of 'protocol' that mandates the sitting prez shall only pick Jews to serve on the Fed?

Yellen is also mobbed up with the CFR and appears to have attended at least one Bilderberg Group meeting.

President Barack Obama plans to name San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President Janet Yellen to be vice chairman of the central bank, a source familiar with the process said on Thursday. She would replace current Fed No. 2 Donald Kohn, who has said he intends to step down when his term expires on June 23

Yale? Is she also a member of the secret society known as "Skull and Bones?" One Jew, Kohn steps down and is replaced by another 'Chosen One?'

Governors are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate for staggered, 14-year terms. By law, the appointments must yield a "fair representation of the financial, agricultural, industrial, and commercial interests and geographical divisions of the country.

The Fed Board must yield a fair representation of financial, agricultural, industrial and commercial and geographical divisions of the USA? What a crock of shit. How is always selecting Jews to be on the Fed representing anything except Jewish interests?

That's what the Fed says how it's appointments are chosen, but in reality, the private banking families that own and run the Fed pick their favs, turn their choices over to the sitting prez and TELL him, "Here's your picks, choose any from this list."

The prez gets down on his knees, profusely thanking the private banking families and vows to do their bidding and "Oh, BTW, how is my off-shore banking account doing?"

The Senate then makes a big fuss during the nomination process, but it's a dog and pony show to let the sheeple think they still live under a democratic republic.

We don't and haven't since the Fed took over the USA's money supply in 1913. Since then, the value of a dollar has depreciated from 97 cents to less than four cents.

We've been thru numerous recessions and one major depression in 1929 and another major depression that is staring us in the face. So why keep appointing members of the same group that have been leading the USA into poverty?

So the private banking families of the Fed can loot close to 300 BILLION a year from Americans in the form of interest we pay to the Fed, all for the 'privilege' of borrowing our own money.

Maybe 'Shlomo' Obama is just following tradition?

Barack Obama's Economic Team

Federal Reserve System

Chairman, Benjamin Bernanke (Jew)

Vice Chairman, Donald Kohn (Jew)

National Economic Council

Chairman, Lawrence Summers (Jew)

Economic Recovery Advisory Board

Chairman, Paul Volcker (Jew)

Chief Economist and Economic Adviser

Vice President, Jared Bernstein (Jew)

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

Chairman, Gary Gensler (Jew)

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Chairman, Mary Schapiro (Jew)

Small Business Administration (SBA)

Administrator, Karen Mills (Jew)

Other Executive Positions include:

IRS Commissioner

Douglas Shulman (Jew)

Federal Communications Commission

Chairman, Julius Genachowski (Jew)

Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Chairman, Eric Lander (Jew)

TARP Executive Compensation

Special Master Ken Feinberg (Jew)

Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Richard Holbrooke (Jew)

President's Automotive Task Force

Senior Advisor, Ron Bloom (Jew)

Dept. of Homeland Security

Special Representative for Border Affairs, Alan Bersin (Jew)

Special Envoy for Climate Change

Todd Stern (Jew)

Advisor to the President and the Vice President on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Issues

Lynn Rosenthal (Jew)

US Department of State

Special Envoy Guantanamo, Daniel Fried (Jew)

Special Advisor for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia (which includes Iran)

Dennis Ross (Jew)

Office of Management and Budget

United States Chief Performance Officer and Deputy Director for Management, Jeffrey D. Zients (Jew)

Office of Management and Budget

Director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein (Jew)

Office of Science and Technology Policy

Director, John P. Holdren (Jew)

White House Medical Czar

Ezekiel Emanuel (Jew)


Richard Haass (Jew)

Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden

Ron Klain (Jew)

Deputy Secretaries of State

Jacob Lew (Jew)

James Steinberg (Jew)

Deputy White House Chief of Staff

Mona Sutphen (Jew)

Federal Trade Commission

Chairman, Jon Leibowitz (Jew)

Food and Drug Administration

Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg (Jew)

Welcome to the "United States of Israel." When our country has been completely ransacked and all our wealth stolen, will we finally wake up?


  1. When our country has been completely ransacked and all our wealth stolen,will we finally wake up?

    most probably never, Greg. with the exception of few (like us) rest of the country in a deeply jewish induced coma.
    considering that, my hope bucket is running way low. :(

  2. Too much programming and way too much brainwashing.

    Better learn how to like gefilte fish.


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