Thursday, April 22, 2010

President Obama Asks Americans to 'Donate' Their Gold Dental Work

Washington--President Obama today issued Executive Order 666-10, which his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel called 'I'm Proud to be a Judeo-American Act" that will ask Americans to 'donate' their gold dental work, including fillings to the Pentagon.

"Americans, proud of their Jewish heritage, should be more than happy to make such a small sacrifice to keep funding our greatest instrument of peace, the Pentagon," was the quote from the President.

The EO stated that ALL Americans, including the elderly, frail and the sick, should go to their closest military base to become more closely acquainted with this freedom initiative, which will liberate those unneeded gold crowns and fillings from their teeth. The gold dental work in turn will be melted down into bullion, then turned over to the private banking families that own the Federal Reserve as payment on the interest we Americans owe the Fed for borrowing our own money.

"Americans will never forget who attacked us on 9/11 and should be not only willing, but happy to make such a small sacrifice to keep funding our search for Bin Laden."

The EO also included instructions for rounding up any Americans who might need to be transported, just in case they had 'forgot' to follow the EO.

One of President Obama's 'Gold Liberation Centers'


Record profits for Wall Street as Main Street Crumbles

It is rather fitting that on the day we hear about banks reaching record profits once again, because after all it is so difficult to borrow at zero percent and gamble in the stock market and make a gain, that we also find out that March was the highest month of foreclosure filings ever (and we’ve had some bad months). If there was ever a more clear indication between the split from Main Street and Wall Street this is probably the strongest indicator so far.


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