Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Difference Between 'anti-Semitic' and Taking a Principled Stand

If you say: "I'm not shopping there, that place is owned by a filthy Jew," that is being anti-Semitic.

But if you say: "I'm not shopping there, that place is owned by an immigrant Israeli Jew who sends most of his profits to Apartheid Israel to help Zionist land thieves steal more of Palestine," that is being brave and taking a principled stand.

When you vote: "I'm not voting for that candidate, he's one of the hook-nosed mob that is selling out America," that is being anti-Semitic.

But if you say: "I'm not voting for that candidate, she's always putting the needs of Apartheid Israel over America," then that is taking a brave and principled stand.

If you attend a rally filled with skinheads carrying signs that say, "Kill the Jews" while they holler "Heil Hitler," then that's anti-Semitic.

But if you attend a rally that is demonstrating against the illegal and immoral wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, that is being very brave and taking a principled stand.

If you think: "Israel is a nation of money-grubbing parasites, filled with liars, cheats, land thieves, murderers and back stabbers," you'll probably get branded as being anti-Semitic.

But if you think: "The USA should end that 'special relationship' we have with Israel, since that nation has lied and tricked America into fighting its wars; spied on us repeatedly in the past and still sends legions of spies to steal our military, business and industrial secrets, and looted America from within of trillions of dollars of wealth and has been killing our people, from the USS Liberty affair to 9/11" that is opening your mind to the actual truths of what is subverting our country.

Postscript: I hesitated using the term 'anti-Semitic' since it's a worn out canard that is used by Zionists and their thuggish outfits, like the ADL.
These Hitler Brown Shirts toss about the term anti-Semitic like a carpenter uses nails; all for one purpose: to smother any criticism of Apartheid Israel and like a club, to beat into political oblivion anyone who doesn't bow down before Zionism and Apartheid Israel.

The term was only used to put into proper perspective the ways Zionists distort the MSM and the blogosphere.

Israel proposes candidates for new UN human rights chief; Abe Foxman and Adolf Hitler Jr. head list

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