Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Baaaaa, Mooooooo, Moooo... Baaaaa"

"Baa, baaaa.. Moooo, mooooooooooo..."Hey, what you doing with that knife at my throat and what happened to my wallet?"
NATALEE HOLLOWAY, Lebron James, NATALEE HOLLOWAY, Lady Ga-Ga, NATALEE HOLLOWAY, PARIS, BRITNEY, LINDSEY.... "AHHHH.... "Baaaaaa, baaaaa.....Moooo, Moooooooo"


Former CIA Officer: Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media

Ahhh, Israel. The land of hidden cameras, easy access to 'love' drugs like XTC and that damned good looking Shin Bet tour guide, who is ready, willing and waiting to fulfill any needs of the visiting Congress.

The hidden cost of free congressional trips to Israel

Israel Rules America!

All of those Wall Street "Too Big to Fail" Banks; most of the senior positions at both the Treasury and State Departments; damn near all of the top postions at the world's largest counterfeiting operation, the Fed and many executive postions at the upper levels of the Pentagon are filled by 'Tribe' members.

This you can call anti-Semitic all day long, but it won't take away from the truth of who is in control of the USA and using this country to support and benefit that Apartheid Nighmare on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

Poll: 49% of Americans Blame Pro-Palestinian Activists for Flotilla Deaths

Good thing those Arabs control Hollywood, right AJ?
Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood: an outlaw hero that even the rich can love

In their new version of the legend, Robin Hood, Ridley Scott and screenwriter Brian Helgeland happily eviscerate all of the character’s essential content, leaving a dry husk filled with their own nasty concoction. To summarize, they revise the story to add a chapter in the life of Robin Hood which precedes the great story we all know and love, or in Hollywood-speak: they have made a “prequel”.

This new chapter presents a very unheroic, brooding Robin (Russell Crowe) who is not really an outlaw at all, but ultimately a great patriot who aids a corrupt and ruthless king to unite the country—exploiters and exploited alike—against a demonic and ever-present foreign enemy, France. Another new addition: Robin Hood and his merry men initially meet and band together as mercenaries slaughtering Muslims in the Crusades!


  1. Greg,
    This doesn't look good at all ....

    43 nations agree on Nazi real-estate return rules
    PRAGUE – Dozens of nations announced Wednesday that they would try harder to return real estate stolen by the Nazis, opening archives and processing claims for restitution faster.
    Forty-three countries backed the first set of global guidelines for returning the real estate to its rightful owners or heirs.
    The nonbinding rules call for more transparency and speed in the processing of restitution claims for property stolen between 1933 and 1945. They also state that people claiming lost property should be given free access to all relevant local, regional and national archives.
    "We've made a major advance in providing belated justice to victims and their families," Stuart Eizenstat, a special adviser to the U.S. Secretary of State on Holocaust issues, said at a presentation of the rules in the Czech capital.
    "For the first time in 65 years ... nations have come together in Prague to provide a guideline and best practices for property confiscated and wrongly seized by the Nazis, fascists and their collaborators during the Holocaust era," he added.
    Before the Holocaust, Jews owned property in Europe that was worth between $10 billion and $15 billion at the time, according to a 2007 study by economist Sidney Zabludoff.


  2. So yes, 49% of Americans, you're next ... you'll have to give up your MacCastles & make room for the holocrapp© survivors, since Europe wouldn't be able to accommodate offsprings and relatives of those 500,000 holocrapp© survivors. Show your American generosity!

    Make sure to turn in all your keys to pastor hagee on way out.

  3. Another few hundred billion or so for the latest Holocaust™ scam.


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