Friday, June 11, 2010

Israeli Boot Licker of the Week... Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report's June 9, 2010 show was sickening. Colbert played bootlicker to Israeli LIAR King, 'Mikey' Oren and let Oren tell the same old tired lies about Gaza and the aid convoy. To show his Yid Masters he a good boy, Colbert even took a swipe at the esteemed, brave and very truthful Helen Thomas.

Oren, like other Israeli 'hasbara' experts, kept telling the Big Lie about Gaza; HAMAS, Hezbollah, Shin Bet rocket attacks, NO humanitarian crisis, aid convoy was bringing in arms, etc.

Will anyone in what passes for the press ask about the rising rate of anemia in Gazan children? Or the lack of sanitary drinking water since Israel deliberately bombed Gaza's purification's plant and is not letting in piping or concrete to repair the plant?
Or that Israeli jets scream over Gaza faster than the speed of sound, breaking sonic booms which in turn break glass and terrify the residents both night and day? Or that the IOF regularly sends in American made and paid for Apache helicopter gunships to shoot up Gaza homes? That IOF Storm Troopers regularly shoot at Palestinian kids from a safe distance, like it was some kind of sport?
That Israel even shoots up Gaza fishing boats, trying to make a living by catching fish in Gaza waters?

And that Apartheid Israel denies shipment into Gaza of medicines?

Or that the Israeli blockade of Gaza is illegal and even so, under international law, people being subjected to a blockade have a lawful right to resist, including the use of violence?

Maybe Colbert could of asked 'Mikey' why the Israeli pirates that stormed aboard the Gaza Aid Convoy stole all cameras, phones, recording devices, watches and even clothes and jewelry, close to a million dollars worth of personal items and gave no receipts nor have they given anything back.
If the account of that high seas hijacking was like Israel says, then why not show the videos taken by the humanitarians on the convoy?

Colbert reminded me of those other bootlickers, the US Congress, who literally fight one another to be the first to the speaker's well to loudly proclaim THEY are Israel's best friend and to prove it, they are sponsoring another bill to give more of our money to Apartheid Israel.

Israeli's using credit cards they stole from aid convoy humanitarians

To get a lesson on how to smooch Zionist ass, click here to see the video

Stephen Colbert checks his sound bites


Israeli document: Gaza blockade isn't about security

Last week, after Israeli commandos killed nine volunteers on a Turkish-organized Gaza aid flotilla, Israel again said its aim was to stop the flow of terrorist arms into Gaza.

However, in response to a lawsuit by Gisha, an Israeli human rights group, the Israeli government explained the blockade as an exercise of the right of economic warfare.

"A country has the right to decide that it chooses not to engage in economic relations or to give economic assistance to the other party to the conflict, or that it wishes to operate using 'economic warfare,'" the government said.

McClatchy obtained the government's written statement from Gisha, the Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, which sued the government for information about the blockade. The Israeli high court upheld the suit, and the government delivered its statement earlier this year.

Sari Bashi, the director of Gisha, said the documents prove that Israel isn't imposing its blockade for its stated reasons, but rather as collective punishment for the Palestinian population of Gaza. Gisha focuses on Palestinian rights.

The Israeli government took an additional step Wednesday and said the economic warfare is intended to achieve a political goal. A government spokesman, who couldn't be named as a matter of policy, told McClatchy that authorities will continue to ease the blockade but "could not lift the embargo altogether as long as Hamas remains in control" of Gaza.
"Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one"

Stephen Colbert to Michael Oren: ‘Palestinians should go back to where they came from’


  1. Both he and Jon Stewart are either the biggest pussies on the planet or they know where and who is buttering their bread.

    I don't know how any self-respecting "progressive" could listen to either of these hacks without being outraged. For that matter, how can any self-respecting "thinker" not feel they have sold out?

  2. They both have succumbed to the siren call of wealth and fame, two drugs easily provided by Zionists.


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