Monday, August 2, 2010

Obama Must Check with Israel, Wall Street and the Fed First

Before removing American troops from Iraq or anywhere we've been suckered into fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

While Israel gets the world's largest military fighting and dying to protect apartheid and institutionalized hate, Wall Street gets fat and happy financing these abominations and the Fed's owners, the private banking families that own the Fed, whose greed is astronomical, get a guaranteed return on loaning America its own money. Money printed out of thin air.

Such a deal!

Not that it would have been any different if 'Canary' John and VP 'Harpy' had won.

The USA would still be slowly bleeding to death, being sucked dry of its wealth, blood and treasures by the international cartel of bankers and Zionists whose ultimate aim is the 'One World Government' and for Apartheid Israel to exist for 1,000 years, the typical fantasy of many a tyrannical regime.

And from a speech given by Senator Barry Sotero back in October, 2007: Obama promises to bring the troops home from Afghanistan.

President 'Barry' will bring them home.... in body bags.


  1. We did take it to the bank. Maybe that's why they failed?

  2. Apparently they will bring out all the combat units from Iraq. What would the remaining 60,000 be called – trainers? What will be their life expectancy when an irradiated and vengeful Iran rolls over the border?

    This is the same scam that the demonic dynasty of the red shield has pulled for centuries. They used the British until they were exhausted by WWI and then just skipped over the Atlantic. That kept them going for another century. Any guess where they are going next. I hear red is the new black.

  3. I think their next host will be China or maybe Brazil, two countries rich in resources.

  4. withdraw so soon? we still haven't conquered the hearts, kidneys and bladders of the camel herdin eye-raqis & goat herdin afghani peasants yet!!

    signed by,

    concerned organ harvesting "rabbits" of tel aviv

    How many people in this country can tell apart the differences between the real fed vs the crime syndicate controlled fed?

    Please don't tell this in front of tickle me elmo! :)


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