Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pamela Geller to Bare ALL in Nudie Skin Mag "Skanks"

Los Angeles--The tell all and SHOW nude mag, "Skanks," today announced that one of the most beautiful women living in New York's Sewerage treatment plant, Pamela Geller, agreed to pose for for a nude photo shoot.

Ms. Geller said that her beautiful face and absolutely stunning body needed a world-wide audience to appreciate her G-d given beauty and that it would be a shame for her breathtaking bod to not be exposed to the millions of her fans.

"I am without a doubt, one, if not THE most gorgeous babes on the planet and I'm looking forward to exposing my stunning, G-d given beauty to all those drooling fools out there who are waiting to hold in my photo shoot in one hand while using their other hand to bring them Nirvana.

"I know for certain that each day, millions of men, especially those at AEI, WINEP, Jihad Watch and in Israel fantasize about my hot bod and stunning face, so I decided to 'bare' all and let my many fans see my fantastically hot bod in pics so they can finally achieve their dream of having sex with one of the most beautiful babes on the planet.

Ms. Gellar's publicist said the photo shoot would take place after Pam had undergone several face lifts, multiple BOTOX injections, liposuction and they could find a photographer that could shoot the session without getting physical sick from all those dripping canker sores covering Pam's private parts.

Ms. Gellar in all her stunning glory that has millions of men begging her for sex


Next month's issue will feature Sarah Palin, in a full frontal, spreading her legs to show the world what a REAL Alaskan Grizzly bear looks like!

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