Saturday, August 7, 2010

There is NO Down side for Israel for the coming Zionist instigated, USA Attack on Iran

Israel wanted Saddam gone and pulled their puppets strings in the WH and Congress to raze that nation to the ground, but by using American money and other people's lives and the horrible visions of the MOSSAD/CIA 9/11 false flag to scare the hell out of Americans into invading Iraq.

Since then, the USA has been bogged down, stuck in Iraq with no clear signs or intent to exit.
Israel's goal of removing Saddam was realized, along with the utter destruction of Iraq and the murder of millions of Iraqis.

Also since then, the USA economy has been ransacked, with trillions being stolen from and thru Wall Street and funneled to Israel, for example, the 'Bernie' Madoff Ponzi scheme which shipped billions and billions to Israel thru the New York branch of the Federal Reserve, chaired at that time by none other than Tim Geithner, the current US Treasury Secretary.

Who knows how much wealth that was stolen from Americans made it to Israel, but it must of been hundreds and hundreds of billions, enough to sustain Apartheid Israel thru a USA war on Iran. While the USA's economy is on life support, Israel's is doing quite fine.

With friends like these......


Three years ago, Bernard Madoff's partner in crime Jacob Ezra Merkin (right) bought Israel's Bank Leumi from the Israeli government headed by Ariel Sharon and then finance minister Ehud Olmert. In January 2007, Israeli State Prosecutor Eran Shendar ordered police to begin a criminal investigation into Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, on suspicion of having influenced the sale of a controlling stake in Bank Leumi. In the Leumi case, Olmert is suspected of having tried to throw the tender to his friend, Australian real estate magnate Frank Lowy, who was a partner with Larry Silverstein and co-lease-holder of the World Trade Center on 9-11.

Like the Israel Discount Bank, which has a branch in New York, Yeshiva University has a branch in Israel, as does the American Jewish Congress. Madoff has been the main treasurer of both Zionist institutions during the period he ran his giant ‘Ponzi’ scheme. If Madoff has lost billions of dollars, as is alleged, these institutions should certainly be investigated as possible recipients of stolen money. Israel Discount Bank should be thoroughly investigated for its role in money laundering and criminal operations, like 9-11.
Maybe the infusion of all that stolen Wall Street loot has helped Israel gain a new financial footing from which it will trick others into bombing Iran while it uses all that filthy lucre to keep Israeli's living off the fat of OUR land while we fight and die for Zionism.

Israel has its sights set on invading Lebanon again, far enough to secure the much needed water in the River Litani.

Iran is currently in the Zionists sights, and again, it will be American money and American lives leading the way, even if that takes another MOSSAD/CIA 9/11 type of false flag.

All of the above were outlined as goals by Israeli-Firsters and rabid Zionists in a paper they wrote for candidate Benjamin Netanyahu back in 1996 entitled: "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm."

When the world's oil supplies dry up from the latest front in the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' guess who gets first dibs on the USA's Strategic Petroleum Reserve?
ISRAEL. According to the 1975 Second Sinai withdrawal document signed by the United States and Israel, in an emergency the U.S. is obligated to make oil available for sale to Israel for up to 5 years
While Tehran is being smart bombed to oblivion, and we can't afford food, due to shortages caused by the latest Zionist scheme, or afford to heat our homes, things will be going just peachy keen in Apartheid Israel.

Striking matches in Middle East tinderbox -- Pentagon and Israelis working together to trigger war

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