Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Yuck, This Tastes Like Shit, But its GOOD, DOUBLE GOOD!"

A Warning from 1997-- "The Evil Empire": Globalization's Darker Side

In his new book, Paul Hellyer, a former senior cabinet minister, explores the ramifications of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment and tells us where we are heading unless there is immediate, radical change.

It is a frightening scenario which forecasts a global economy in which nation states count for little -- and ordinary voters count for nothing at all.

A world where unemployment remains unreasonably high, the division of wealth between rich and poor goes from unfair to outright immoral and a complete meltdown of the monetary system is inevitable.

It has nothing to do with trade. It is about power and control. Power and control for multinational corporations and the international banks which finance them.

Ten Reasons to be Concerned About The Multilateral Agreement on Investment

A world where the rich keep getting richer and the poor, well to hell with them, they're only goy to be used as the elite see fit.

A world where the banks rule and destroy the economy to their benefit?

I think we're there.

The Rothschild led Bankster Gangsters, not content with looting damn near all of the world's wealth and stashing it away for their personal use, also want to ban organic food, vitamins and supplements using their "Codex Alimentarius," which will force us peons to eat only manufactured food and poisonous junk, like the shit they sell at 'Mickey D's'.

Codex Alimentarius: Empire's Latest Strike is Very, Very Bad

"We simply can't go on with our current attitudes about our planet. We must keep our minds open to new scenarios and solutions because time is running out for us. Light at the End of the Tunnel is meant as a wake-up call to save our planet earth. Don't hit the 'snooze' button," warns Hellyer.

Under the terms of the Uruguay Round of GATT, which created the World Trade Organization, the United States agreed to harmonize its domestic laws to the international standards. This includes standards for dietary supplements being developed by the United Nation's Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use.

The Uruguay Round Agreements carry explicit language clearly indicating that the U.S. must harmonize to international standards:

"Members are fully responsible under this Agreement for the observance of all provisions.... members shall formulate and implement positive measures and mechanisms in support of the observance of the provisions.... by other than central government bodies." [WTO TBT Agreement at Article 3.5]"
Actual quote available here, but it's a PDF file.

If not for a viable source of alternative REAL news, and not the mind-numbing slop fed to us 24/7 by the Zionist owned, Jewish run MSM, where would many of us be? Trying to fight the 'good fight' against enslavement or mooing like a cow being fattened for slaughter by Zionist/Neocon infested outfits like the "Committee on the Present Danger?"
"If Codex Alimentarius has its way, then herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, amino acids and other natural remedies you have taken for granted most of your life will be gone. The name of the game for Codex Alimentarius is to shift all remedies into the prescription category so they can be controlled exclusively by the medical monopoly and its bosses, the major pharmaceutical firms. Predictably, this scenario has been denied by both the Canadian Health Food Association and the Health Protection Branch of Canada (HPB).

The Codex Alimentarius proposals already exist as law in Norway and Germany where the entire health food industry has literally been taken over by the drug companies. In these countries, vitamin C above 200 mg is illegal as is vitamin E above 45 IU, vitamin B1 over 2.4 mg and so on. Shering-Plough, the Norway pharmaceutical giant, now controls an Echinacea tincture, which is being sold there as an over the counter drug at grossly inflated prices. The same is true of ginkgo and many other herbs...

Guess it seems fitting that some of the European nations(?) that are outlawing health food also outlaw any legitmitate discussion on the Holocaust™


  1. I think we can infer that the end game is here as the elite bloodlines are no longer taking little incremental turns of the screw. They are taking great big handfuls of control.

    They own the media, the health (sic) industry and will soon own the food industry. Once they collapse the money system and destroy cask we’ll be in a world of forced vaccines and ID implants.

    We can consider this frog cooked.

  2. Thanks Greg, that "Empire's Latest Strike" will be my blog for today. chuckyman, you are right, they have dispensed with beating about the bush and have gone into full attack mode. I find this turn of events somewhat of a relief, all this pussyfooting around makes me nervous. At least now the enemy is in the spotlight so we know what to aim for. They think they have reached the top, only problem with that is down is the only direction left for them. And as usual, their arrogance will be their undoing.

  3. Agreed Saladin. It’s all this waiting around that gets on your nerves. Over here in USSE the natives are revolting - in all sense of the words (grin).

    The legislation to control the herbal and homeopathic remedies is in the final stages of implementation by the faceless commissars. Not long to go either way – finally.

  4. All of their lies surrounding 9/11 are coming apart and I think they're getting desperate, maybe.. hopefully and that might cause them to act stupid and make a mistake.

    As long as that mistake isn't nuking the entire world, because they ain't going quietly.

    They'd rather turn the planet into a radioactive ball of waste than go to prison... or face some other, more appropriate and terminal type of punishment.


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