Monday, November 1, 2010

9/11 All Over Again? Israeli's Spying in and Around US Military Airports

Another Example of How Zionists Control the News

Notice how the article from station WTNH specifically states that THREE ISRAELI NATIONALS were being held for getting to close to an NG helicopter?

3 men detained at Groton-New London Airport 19 Oct 2010, 4:36 PM EDT

Groton, Conn. (WTNH)Three Israeli nationals who got a little too close to a military helicopter at Groton-New London Airport are being questioned by police.

The incident happened Tuesday morning around 8:20.

The men told police that they wanted to get a closer look at the Black Hawk helicopter, which was in an area of their Cessna and not cordoned off. Officers from the National Guard stopped the men when they approached the Black Hawk and detained them for further questioning.

The men told police that they were leaving on their private plane after spending the day at an area casino.

Their plane remains grounded and the men are in custody until their identities can be confirmed.
A little over one hour later, the story is 'scrubbed' clean of any references to the possible saboteurs being Isarelis?
3 detained by Conn. Guard for approaching helicopter Oct 19, 2010 17:44:24

GROTON, Conn. — Connecticut authorities have released three people who were detained after viewing a military helicopter parked at Groton-New London Airport.

State Police said Tuesday that the three people arrived at the airport on a private plane Monday and were preparing to leave Tuesday. Police said the individuals approached a Connecticut National Guard Black Hawk helicopter in an area not cordoned off from private aircraft.

Lt. J. Paul Vance, spokesman for the State Police, says the three were just being curious. He says no laws were broken.

The helicopter, parked in an area of the airport near a roadway, is under constant surveillance by the Army National Guard, and officials said it was not at risk.
And one more Zionist Stamp of Approval news release, completely exonerating these SAYANIM.

Within one hour, the Zionist/NeoCon scumbags that were the REAL 9/11 terrorists had their SAYANIM eliminate any reference to the Israeli spies and they also disappeared down the 'Memory Hole' that these SAYANIM had visited a local casino.

9/11:'Deja Vu?,' including Israeli's posing as Arabs visiting casinos
September 5, 2001: Hijackers Go on Gambling Cruise in Florida. Two or three of the 9/11 hijackers are believed to go out on a gambling cruise ship that sails from Madeira Beach, Florida. According to a company official of SunCruz Casinos, who owns the ship, there are passengers on two of their cruises today who look like some of the men later identified as 9/11 hijackers, and whose names are either similar or the same as the hijackers’. In the days after 9/11, some of the cruise employees recognize a number of the hijackers as former customers. A casino manager on another SunCruz ship that sails from Port Canaveral, Florida, later believes that a former customer, caught on security video, resembles one of the hijackers.

Following 9/11, SunCruz turns over photographs and documents to FBI investigators. [St. Petersburg Times, 9/27/2001] At the time, SunCruz Casinos is owned by the politically connected Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his business associate Adam Kidan. Abramoff and Kidan will later plead guilty to fraud relating to their purchase of the company in 2000.
Adam Kidan, who owned some bagel shops in NYC, appeared to be on close terms with the MOSSAD/SAYANIM operative posing as 'Mohammed Atta.'

If someone is so sick and twisted they'd murder their own Jewish mother, do you think they'd have any qualms about helping murder nearly 3,000 GOYIM on 9/11?

The SunCruz casino purchase by "Casino Jack" Abramoff (Helped by then House Minority Whip Tom DeLay) was so instrumental to the REAL 9/11 perps that they murdered the owner, Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis in February 2001 to help cover their sordid trail of deceit that brought us 9/11.

Israeli MOSSAD Agents Arrested While Planning the Next 9/11?

The closest casino to Groton, Connecticut is the Foxwoods Resort Casino, one of the world's largest. A perfect place to get some funds into the hands of some back-stabbing SAYANIM.

Nearby is the Electric Boat Corporation, a division of General Dynamics Corporation. It has been the primary builder of submarines for the United States Navy for well over 100 years. The company's main facilities are a shipyard in Groton, Connecticut.

Interesting convergence; Israeli SAYANIM being arrested at an airport for nosing around an Army multi-purpose helicopter, after they had visited a Casino.

Black Hawk Down?

There's another military weapons manufacturing facility down I-95, the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation of Stratford, Connecticut that makes the Black Hawk helicopter, which is a troop carrier and logistical support aircraft, but in addition the helicopter can be configured to carry out medical evacuation, command-and-control, search-and-rescue, armed escort, electronic warfare and executive transport missions.

There's too many links and way too many 'coincidences' for this latest MOSSAD/SAYANIM treachery to be just another day in the jungle.

And from AANGIRFAN blog, from January 2006
These casino ships don't travel anywhere. They arrive back at the same port they depart from. The ships exist only to sail outside US territorial waters where gambling is legal, then back again. Why would the 9-11 hijackers, supposedly fanatical Muslims so religious they would be willing to kill themselves for a holy mission only a week later, be on Abramoff's casino ship?
Here in Missouri, the 'floating' casinos are permanently moored in a basin close to the Mississippi or Missouri River. They don't go anywhere or even move. What a great way to launder some drug money from the Afghan poppy fields being protected by US troops or to get some cash into the hands of MOSSAD agents or American SAYANIM who are plotting the next 9/11.

SAYANIM are Israeli operatives living in a country like the USA that pretend to be Americans, but are actually spies, saboteurs, assassins, liars and thieves who will do ANYTHING for their Motherland, Apartheid Israel.

Or they can be as innocent looking as some "Wolf" that broadcasts Israeli and Zionist propaganda on the 'CARTOON NEWS NETWORK.'

(When I ran Spell Check on this post, it didn't recognize SAYANIM and offered up three suggestions for the word. One was SATANISM. Damn computer is smarter than I thought.)

P.S. When I wrote this post, the dreaded "Cranium-Rectal Inversion" disease was trying to take over my body, making me forget that the tip for this story came from the most excellent author of the "Kenny's Sideshow" blog.

I apologize for my rudeness.


  1. Many thanks for the link.

    - Aangirfan.

  2. I've been to EB in Groton. Security is tight. Only by invitation can you even get into a sort of visitor center where they have a scale model mock-up of the shipyard.

    There's two sub builders, EB and Newport News. They share contracts to keep them both open but there's been talk of going to one with NN the likely survivor. Conn. power politics may be what keeps EB going.

    I don't know if they've cleaned all the asbestos out of EB, many cases of asbestosis in workers, and having been there so long we know it's contaminated with all kinds of things. It would cost a big fortune to really clean it up.

    If General Dynamics wanted to pull a 'Silverstein' EB would be the place.

  3. "(When I ran Spell Check on this post, it didn't recognize SAYANIM and offered up three suggestions for the word. One was SATANISM. Damn computer is smarter than I thought.) "

    Nice addendum, Greg.

    Something's up with that bunch, no doubt.

  4. I don't know if they've cleaned all the asbestos out of EB

    EB needs to talk to 'Lucky' Larry and find out how he took care of the WTC asbestos problem and got money to boot out of the deal!

  5. OMG! I am still waiting for abe fuckman to show up at scene with one fist up in his ... and the other fist pumping in the air like jersey shore boys, while foaming "anti semitic!" in mouth repeatedly.


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