Friday, November 12, 2010

Zio-flunkies in Congress Declaring War on Iran


We've got massive unemployment, thanks to the Zionist owned, Jewish run Federal Reserve, who deliberately sent this nation into an economic depression. Our highways are falling apart, our schools need to be upgraded to 21st Century standards and we need to pay our senior citizens the money owed them from Social Security and what's our corrupt and craven, sold-out Zionist ass-kissers in Congress spending their time on?

Introducing dozens and dozens of bills to support Israel with money, weapons, political backing and even military force against Iran.
Some Members of Congress are trying to create a political "backdoor" to war with Iran by pushing a resolution expressing support for Israel's "right" to launch a military attack on Iran. Such an Israeli attack would be likely to draw the U.S. into war, so efforts to legitimize an Israeli attack constitute a stealth path to a U.S. war.
Like H.CON.RES.315
Recognizing the formation and supporting the objectives of the Friends of Israel Initiative.

Whereas Israel and the entire Western world share the same threats and challenges, and threats to Israel must be treated as threats to the West;

Whereas these growing threats include violent Islamist extremism and the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iranian regime, which must not be tolerated or accepted by responsible nations.
Introduced by the US Congresswoman representing Tel Aviv, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, [FL-18] who's introduced 76 bills in this congress and nearly 40% of those bills have something to do with wither Israel or Iran.
Ileana, why don't you move your traitorous ass to your beloved Israel and stay the fuck there, we don't need back-stabbers like you in Congress.


What is the "Friends of Israel" initiative?

Another Zionist front that will be used to tell lies and further poison American Goyim into sending money, weapons and their kids off to fight and die for Apartheid Israel.

Lies like this one: Israel is an ally of the west against terrorism and defender of the Judeo-Christian cultural and moral heritage, and thus "Israel’s fight is our fight".

The USA is NOT a Judeo-Christian nation, but that 'Big Lie" helps trick Americans into thinking that the nation that was part of the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 should be supported and defended at ALL costs, even if it means the destruction of America.

International Law? Fuck that, we're Israel

The Friends of Israel Initiative is an international operation
and was first launched in Paris on 31 May – the same day that Israeli soldiers boarded the Mavi Marmara in international waters and killed nine activists.

The leading light in the Israel Initiative is the former Prime Minister of Spain José María Aznar. Whilst in office Aznar committed Spain to the invasion of Iraq in defiance of Spanish public opinion. He has since been appointed President of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, the 175 subsidiaries of which without exception supported the Iraq War
"Comrade" Ros-Lehtinen has a Texas soul mate, another Zionist lackey who's ready to send our kids off to endless wars to defend that nation of assassins; con artists, thieves, liars, false flag experts and mass murderers.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, who introduced another "Let's Send Our Kids off to Fight and Die for Israel" bill, H.RES.557 -- Expressing support for the State of Israel's inalienable right to defend itself in the face of an imminent nuclear or military threat from Iran, terrorist organizations, and the countries.

Louie Should of Been a Rocket Scientist or a Brain Surgeon

Contradicting FBI Information, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert Insists ‘Terror Babies’ Exist and will come back to the USA when they are older to 'blow us up."

These are the ones that have the ability to declare war?

Jesus Christ, we are so lost.

The 2010 election had one purpose, war with Iran, even if the risk is world conflict and the real loser, no matter what happens on the battlefield is the United States.”

Israel has decided that America is going to war with Iran. The new congress, the one Israel openly boasts is under their total control, will make it happen, it was why they were put there.


  1. Someone needs to fill that "gaping hole" in the Texan freak's head.

  2. I don't like to be pessimistic but I'm afraid there's no one to stop these thugs.

    I also 100% agree that the Judeo-Christian bs term needs to go. It's one of the sickest forms of propaganda.

  3. wow. his space between his ears seems to be filled with warm mozzerela. Scary, indeed...

    And he was a judge? No wonder we have so many incarcerated in this country. He should debate Judge Judy.


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