Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The $3,000 a night hotel suite does NOT include a complimentary blow job

DomiDICK Goes Out on Another Nightly Prowl

Dominique Strauss-Kahn's lavish life: How does a socialist public servant pay for $3,000-a-night hotel suites and first-class flights?

DSK, as he is widely known, earned a modest salary by international banker standards, but his job came with an ample expense account. He earns about $420,000 a year in salary, plus pension contributions and generous benefits. On top of that, he receives about $75,000 "to enable [him] to maintain, in the interests of the Fund, a scale of living appropriate to [his] position"—essentially, money for a Washington, D.C., home fancy enough to entertain foreign dignitaries and the world's economic leaders.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, allegedly sexually assaulted a maid in a $3,000-a-night Midtown Manhattan hotel suite this weekend.

But that's not all. Strauss-Kahn also had carte blanche to charge the fund for all "reasonable expenses" incurred entertaining and meeting with politicians and policymakers. And he received generous travel funds, including a per diem and a dispensation for "all hotel expenses." As per his contract, he always flies first class: "Your travel on official Fund business…shall be in first class." (Notably, the IMF says he was not on official business during his trip to New York, therefore he had to foot the bill for the hotel and flight himself.)

The press also revealed that Strauss-Kahn and his wife, Anne Sinclair, a prominent television personality, wealthy in her own right, travel between a $4 million home in Georgetown, two multimillion-dollar apartments in Paris, and a holiday riad in Marrakech. "It tends to prove that the IMF's managing director…has, to some extent, lost contact with 'real life,' " France Soir wrote, "By blindness, by remoteness, by intoxication?"
There's already talk that this predator will be released on 'diplomatic immunity' and not suffer any consequences for his rape.

Money will exchange hands; bribes will be offered and threats made if this 'Chosen One' isn't released from any and all charges.

He'll be free to savage more GOYIM to his delight without worry about prosecution. Such is the life of the 'Chosen Ones.' The DA that issued the arrest warrant will be fired, to teach the rest of the GOYIM the consequences for messing with a 'Tribe' member.

The IMF head was so used to raping countries, savaging them for his fellow 'Tribe Members' that he thought one more rape wouldn't be noticed.

Does one get a better night's sleep in a $3,000 dollar hotel room than by staying in a $79.00 Holiday Inn?

Should've stuck with the free mints, DomiDICK.



  1. demonic stuff Konn is innocent!
    He's a victim of "anti-schemetism"!!!

    stuffed konn was doing Nothing Wrong but "rectifying" that "anti-Semitic" maid ho, Not rape!!

    He was asking to "rap" along with him but the ho had to scream "RaaaPe!"

    I demand immediate release of him and make reparation for holocrack© A.S.A.P. to my Org!!!

    All the mohels are standing by.


    ape fartfacemann

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  3. Interesting piece here:

    This scumbag better go to jail.

    The first thing that I thought of though when I saw this in the news was: who did he piss off? The PTB have covered up far worse crimes, so he must have stepped on someone's toes. Just a thought.

  4. Dominique Strauss-Khan (Cohen) caught in IMF 'honey-trap' with Manhattan hotel 'maid'.

    Yea, Elliot Spitzer 'honey-trap'- like isn't it?

    Something smells fishy - and I don't mean bodily fluids. The arrest off the plane just 1 hour and forty minutes after the 'chamber maid' reported it. The chief administrator of the hotel's only comment was "we are cooperating with authorities".

    Hmmm. DSK supposedly forgot his cell phone and according to police "looked like he left in a hurry". Would a real police spokesman say that to a reporter even before such a high ranking zionist was found guilty? How did they get the arrest warrant so fast - it would be needed to get onto the plane to remove DSK?

    This smacks of an E.Spitzer take down. Who and why? Someone wrote today that we should always remember those in power are always 10 steps ahead.

    And the story is changing continuously in the MSM. Was it fellacio or sodomy? Was it attempted or carried through?

    Something is amiss here. Today one pundit stated that DSK was about to put the USA into receivership for bankruptcy.

    Another pundit noted DSK was to speak at the Brettonwoods conference later in May 2011. The key-note speaker was to be China but it just cancelled, also H.Clinton had just bowed out, and now DSK will also be prevented from speaking.

    Further, a statement that the new head of the IMF is to be a JPMorgan man - announced in less than 24 hours after DSK's arrest off the plane.

    Chambermaids don't usually have the clout or power to have zionist oligarch IMF lackies like DSK detained or charged without months or years of lawyer litigations where the accusee is usually bought-off or suicided.

    Nope, someone who right now stands closer to Rothschild and his oligarch buddies than DSK himself, very probably 'honey-trapped' him. Dusting the dresser in his room with more than a little bit of cleavage showing and then res ponding positive to his flirting...bim-badda-bing...semen in the right place (for example on the maid's uniform). Then the preplanned step two: 'cry wolf' to the hotel administrator who plays his pre-ordained part and calls the vice-squad who is already ready with the warrant (written and noterized even before the fellacio occured), who drives to the airport to arrest DSK directly off his plane before it leaves for Europe. Too much like a movie plot.

    The 'honey-trap' may have been totally consensual - especially if the girl with the golden mouth was secret service just 'doing her job' to catch this zionist puke.

    Once she cries 'wolf', has the semen stain on her work clothes - DSK is done like dinner. How will he ever prove it was consensual and he was set up? He can't. He is defacto removed for whatever reasons he was in the way.

  5. Who and why was the 'honey-trap' set up? Someone closer to Rothschild and company than DSK at the present. Was it Rockefeller? Clearly someone was treading on someone else's (economic) feet, about to cost them alot of money. What is the JPMorgan replacement going to do differently than DSK was planning to do?

    Geithner recently was labelled as alienating the Chinese. Timmy also recently kiboshed an IMF bailout plan to the Irish banks through the European Central Bank. Through that IMF plan the private billionaire shareholders (mostly US?) were about to get a 30 billion dollar haircut.

    Geithner axed this plan in the 11th hour, putting the people of Irland back on the hook for the private shareholders' loses. The billionaire shareholders refused to get a haircut by DSK.

    Was it Geithner who set up Khan in the 'honey-trap'?. As Visible has already said, they are now eating each other as the apocalypse shifts into second gear (both Geithner and Khan (Cohen) are tribe).

    It could be Khan thought private (mostly US?) shareholders should lose the value of the Irish default, while Geithner thought differently.

    The placement of a JPMorgan man to head the IMF signals greater attendance to the US shareholder concerns. JPMorgan is said to be the largest private shareholder in the Federal Reserve.

    Might indeed be a case of which billionaires shall lose money over Irland's debt default. Maybe DSK decided a solution where it would be American billionaire shareholders - while Geithner, under pressure from these same (US?) billionaire shareholders said "no way".

    That Khan was ousted indicates it was sanctioned at the highest level by godfather Rothschild himself - because DSK was his lacky as the head of his IMF. Otherwise Timmy Geithner would be the one 'sleeping with the fishes' since Dominique Strauss-Khan is already a known maid man (grin).

    Stay tuned sports fans, the wide, wide world of zionism is getting more and more whacky as the ponzi scheme of fractional-reserve-usury banking implodes due to the current lack of economic expansion which is crucial to sustain a system where more money is always owed than exists.

    Yes, Rothschild has set up a criminal ponzi scheme of debt slavery for us all - DSK's arrest will unfortunately not bring the system down.


    P.S. Wonder if golden-mouth will keep her dress as a souvenir for years to come the way Monica did?

  6. Hey Greg:

    as much as the bankers are a totally reprehensible bunch there is way more to this then meets the eye.

    DSK's scumminess ensured he was trap-able if necessary.

    I think it was necessary.

    Like some one said on my blog, the only way a big fish like DSK get's arrested for a "crime" is if some other big fish have their hooks out for him.

    Realistically these guys are all pervs, who can say which is more of a perv then the other?


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