Wednesday, May 25, 2011

9/11: Comparing Building Implosions & Beware the ADL Youtube GESTAPO

Any of this look familiar?

Gosh, it looks like WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7 imploding!

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) of Phoenix, Maryland (acting as Prime Demolition Contractor to the Property Owner, Ocean Tower, L.P. of Mission, Texas), performs the successful explosives felling of the 379 foot-9 inch tall, reinforced concrete Ocean Tower Condominium in South Padre Island, Texas at 9:00 AM on Sunday, December 13, 2009

When I posted to this video the above comment about the WTC implosions, the ADL YouTube GESTAPO said "comment was pending approval."

Wonder why?

And another!

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) of Phoenix, Maryland, the family owned company that demolished the remainder of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, also imploded the 31-story, 356' tall Landmark Hotel Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada and helped clean up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City and the 9/11 debris.

Nothing like getting in a little practice on how to implode a tall, damaged building!!

Must be nice to have friends in high places!
“They do what they do with the craftsmanship of a great shoemaker or carpenter, someone who does this fine, detailed work,” Mr. Feldman said. “It just so happens their fine detailed work is taking down big complex buildings.”
Ditto for a similar comment about WTC buildings imploding, the Youtube GESTAPO would first have to approve my seditious thoughts!

And, one more:

Bank of Industries (BOI) Building Implosion Nigeria 2

First implosion in Lagos, Nigeria. This building partially collapsed in 2006 due to fire damage. This is another view from close.

I posted a comment to this video, but made NO mention of the WTC implosions, and the comment was accepted. Curious, NO?

One more, for the road:

Top-down building implosion

Building implosion video, from "The Art & Science of Explosives & Blasting"

Betty Nuttyahoo, the 'DICK,' Cheney and the rest of the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB Architects take a bow!!!

The 'granddaddy of them all, the WTC implosions.

Full video from "EXTRA" of WTC North Tower, from NIST FOIA files, WNBC Dub7 #14 & #15, merged. I shifted the audio to both left and right channels, though I left it in uncompressed WAV format so there was no quality loss.

Last video courtesy of Xenomorph911WTC
"Of course, building number 7, where the emergency management headquarters was, was on fire. I’d been in that office two months before.”

Loizeaux will recall: “The expression around was they’re going to pancake down, almost vertically. And they did. It was the only way they could fail. It was inevitable.”
Mark Loizeaux of CDI

About Us: Controlled Demolition, Inc.
A two thousand ton skyscraper collapses like a house of cards, crumbling in on itself - a waterfall of well-fractured steel and concrete debris. It lasts only seconds, and buildings within a few meters stand untouched. The very essence of Controlled Demolition, Inc. is in our name: CONTROL.

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