Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feds Bust Up Large D.C. Prostitution Ring

The FBI released this picture of the nation's largest whorehouse


Washington--Federal agents of a task force that busted one of, if not the largest prostitution rings in the history of America held a press conference today to disseminate more details about last night's raid.

John Galt, head of Task Force CLAP-- Chasing Lechers And Prostitutes--said this was the largest house of prostitution he had ever raided. "We had gotten tips for some time that a place called 'The Hill,' was a hotbed of illegal and sordid sex acts for pay, and so we were finally able to get some agents inside to secure the necessary info to issue warrants." He continued: "I've been on the FBI's sex crimes task force for over 20 years and believe me, some of the things we saw turned my stomach and I thought I had seen it all.''

"Some of the sexual acts offered and turned were beyond disgusting and I'm glad we finally got all 535 patrons of 'The Hill' off the streets and into lockup, since this bunch is seriously deranged."

Galt added that all 535 would be held without bail, since the judge deemed them too dangerous to be on the streets and the Health Department had wanted them quarantined, since many had numerous STD's.

Special Agent Galt also put out a "Wanted" bulletin for the CEO of this well-organized ring who they barely missed capturing, a person nicknamed 'The Prez' who had inside info and fled to an unnamed Middle Eastern Country before the raid was carried out.



  1. Ha Ha HA Ha..I love it..
    the prez was actually visiting the old Madame at the house of bondage and correction..
    A very beastial place I've heard ;)
    cheers A13

  2. Hi Greg,

    Going off topic again .....

    Agreed million times with your brilliant comments about WestBoro Craptist Church! Best thing I've read all day.

    Have you noticed that the only one & always missing from their whatever protests may be - is God himself?!

    Now ...wouldn't it be fun if God really show up all foming in mouth type mad as hell ..and turn the table on freddy boy - by turning into a fagalicious fagadelic freak of nature?! That's what he deserve for making God an unwilling employee of their sick 'n twisted work.

    OR ....

    God has been replaced by hippy Allah without notifying freddy. No wonder why God isn't showing up at the events at all.

    I think, few days ago I read somewhere that entire town blocked that sicko Westboro church of satan from protesting. From a quick search ... Voila! it happened in your state, back in 2010:

    Westboro Baptist Church Protesters Blocked by Residents at Mo. Soldier's Funeral

    I have a feeling that more people will show up at Joplin if freddy even dare to protest. It will be sooo good if they can make freddy squeal like a piggy!


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