Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Only 'anti-Semites' Want to Help Tornado Victims!

That's the thinking of American Jew, Israeli-Firster and Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor when he made this comment about the massive devastation and destruction caused by tornado packing nearly 200 MPH winds that destroyed a wide swath of Joplin, MO.

NO federal aid for Joplin until there are spending cuts....

Hey Eric, I got a great idea! How about cutting back on those monthly welfare checks the American taxpayer is forced to send to Apartheid Israel!!
Eric Cantor says there will be no federal aid for Joplin. Cantor said spending cuts must occur before one dime of federal money will be spent to clean up Joplin.

The kicker here is during Hurricane Katrina, Cantor helped line the pockets of a Virginia company, his home state, with FEMA money to help in aid for New Orleans.
Maybe this photo of some of the Joplin, MO tornado damage gets Eric HOT, since it reminds him of what the world's largest terrorist army, the Zionist Occupation Force, does to Gaza on a regular basis.


Eric, time to shag your sorry, back-stabbing, traitorous ass back to the FATHERLAND, Apartheid Israel and do us a favor?




  1. Hi Greg,
    how horrible?
    What a vile peice of $hit that Cantor guy is..
    Those people need assistance, only a satanist or a Psychopath would deny aid to those in this devestated area.
    thanks for letting us know.
    cheers A13

  2. I agree, A13, Cantor isn't an American, he's only posing as one to get money for his true love, Apartheid Israel.

    He needs to be shipped to the FATHERLAND, the sooner the better.

  3. Eric did not ask anything from Israel when he supported GIVING Israel a fleet of stealth fighter jets which cost $104,000,000 each. Eric did not ask what possible enemy would this aircraft be needed to protect Israel from? Eric did not ask for cuts in anything when he pushed a $205,000,000 rocket intercept system which can protect only a three block area from rockets. Each rocket used cost $50,000 each and the system was too expensive for the Israeli who rejected it. Eric did not even try to protect American jobs when he allowed the Outrageously expensive intercept to be constructed in Israel.
    I read that a recent investigation found our elected officials have done much better than they should with their stock picks probably provided by Wall street who received trillions from the federal government. i wonder if Eric asked anything from his friends on wall street. I wonder if Eric opened his mouth about anything on the big bonus check written by his friends on wall street. Record bonus checks for his friends on wall street did not bring a comment. I am sure those who lost love ones really appreciate an Israel firster spitting on their suffering.

  4. We have, oops, I mean Israel has the best Congress money can buy.

  5. that rotten jew in my opinion should get the leo frank treatment.

  6. Even if some aid comes, they may want it back.

    FEMA yanks flood aid away.
    403 Tennesseans told to repay $1.6 million


    "Nationwide, 5,650 recipients of federal assistance are being told to return about $22 million. And this is just the first batch of letters that FEMA plans to send out as it plows through a backlog of 168,000 improper payments totaling $643 million going back to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005."

  7. Arrest the bastard for sedition and execute him s l o w l y.

  8. Cantor is the epitome of the Zionist scumbag traitors controlling the U.S. government, media, and banking system. It may be about time to grab the torch and pitchforks. What a disgusting individual.


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