Monday, May 23, 2011

What a Presidential Candidate Should Say

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - "Liberty is too Precious a thing to be buried in books"

Honesty, sincerity, selflessness, duty, integrity, political courage, these are the things missing in Washington. And until they return, we will continue to see our great Republic slip away from us, until eventually it is no better that a third rate banana republic run by tinhorn despot dictators who exploit the people for personal gain.

Do we still have politicians like the one portrayed in this movie? One's who will put their political careers on the line for something that they believe in? Or, are we just left with spineless greedy people who are only concerned with their own political futures.

Mr. Jefferson Smith has announced his plans to seek the presidency of the USA and will now answer questions from the assembled press corps:

"Mr. Smith, Brian Ross, ABC News, Mr. Smith, you stated that you were for America 'first, last and always' and that America will be the #1 priority in your administration. Mr. Smith, are you telling our good friends and only ally in the ME, Israel, that they no longer matter?"

"What I'm saying is that as president, I will put the needs and wants of this hurting nation first. One way to salvage what is left of this country is to follow the words of our first president, George Washington, who cautioned us against entangling foreign alliances. I'm saying that America needs fixing and instead of spending obscene sums of money overseas, that money needs to go the repair of our once, great country."

"Mr. Smith, Chris Wallace, FOX News; It seems rather evident that you are cutting our best friend in the world Israel, loose and spitting on our unbreakable friendship. Mr. Smith, are you telling Israel and her many supporters to in effect, go to hell?"

"What I have to say is for America and Americans. Take a look around you and you'll see evidence of our misguided foreign policy. Vast sums of money have been wasted overseas, either fighting wars that only benefit Wall Street or that protect certain countries absurd policies. As a result, our nation's infrastructure has gone to hell, with our highways falling apart and over-crowded; our system of river levees inadequate and out-dated and many of our schools more fitting for the 19th Century rather than the current one. We need to start taking care of business here at home before this nation self-destructs and in my administration, you'll see the money go to rebuilding America and not propping up sadistic regimes overseas."

"Mr. Smith, Katie Couric, CBS News; It's becoming evident that you plan on destroying our very valuable and needed relations with Israel, our most secure ally in this 'War on Terror.' How are you going to explain to America that you are a closet anti-Semite?"

"I'm not going to stoop to the level you reporters like to when you don't understand basics and resort to labeling the unknown in an attempt to silence debate. A simple investigation of this country's needs would bring to light the fact that we have been Empire building way too long and as a result, the money wasted overseas is destroying our country right before our very eyes.
All of that wealth wasted defending apartheid policies or destroying Islamic nations would of secured this nation's prosperity for decades to come and got many an American off the unemployment rolls. We would have schools we would be proud of, instead of falling apart firetraps. We would have a highway system that would be the envy of the Western world. We would have airports that looked like they were from the 'Jetsons' and not the 'Flintsones.' Our electrical grid would not be in danger of failing, resulting in massive brownouts nationwide. That's my message; We need to take back America for the Americans!"

The crowd starts to applaud and make so much noise that Mr. Smith can't be heard, so he ascends a flight of stairs to speak some more. When he opens his mouth, all that is heard is the crack of a rifle and an ugly red spot appears between Mr. Smith's eyes and the crowd watches in horror as the bullet blows off the back of his head.



  1. To Greg,

    This is a re-post of my comment to Kenny which is apparently lost in cyberspace.

    I would call it (Obama's backtracking at the AIPAC conference) treason. But given the background:

    Soetoro's words and actions are not surprizing.

    The best I can gleen on the actual world political situation is that the present president of the US was a CIA construct/plant who was one of many groomed and vetted for the possibility of placement as key figure in the Whitehouse. His lack of a normal past, a CIA mother and his known multiple aliases are consistent with the truth that he was one of many cultivated potential frontmen for the burgeoning NWO whose ultimate frontman is Rothschild, first name Jacob.

    Zionist jews are most certainly trying to get total control of the world. Rothschild's grandfather bought (sic) into existence israel with the Balfor document, so it makes sense that Soetoro would be on the best of terms with another of his creator's creations aka Rothschildlandia. Created as a state in 1948 to centralize world banking and to, when necessary, use covert violent methods (read murder, assassination) to achieve the goals of Rothschild and the illuminati/NWO.

    None of this is new. There hasn't been an non-israel/Rothschild controlled president since Rothschild had JFK killed for bucking against the private Federal Reserve in 1963, by his government beginning to print money itself.

    All presidents thereafter have been thoroughly vetted though Rothschild and his agents.

    The present push by Geithner and Bernanke to crash the US currency in order to make Americans and the rest of the world go crying to the World Bank to implement SDR's has encountered a problem.

    DSK could not deliver the activation of SDR's on schedule so Rothschild had Geithner and the CIA take him down (my hypothesis).

    The real problem with the implementation of SDR's is that China, Russia and a few other very large economy countries are not willing to go along with a world currency which keeps the US/UK/israel in total economic control. These nations want major economic restructuring of the world banking system.

    Rothschild and his counterfeiting oligarch cronies just want more of the same US/UK/israel control but on a bigger more stream-lined scale.

    The war emerging in Pakistan is actually about the world economy system. Even the battle of Libya is about Rothschild controlled central banking not oil (or water), which are only bonuses.

    The real question is if 'the handful' individuals such as the writers you regularly list here at Sideshow will have enough of a positive peaceful effect upon the general (half asleep) populace so that young men and women will refuse to go and fight and die in a world war for the Rothschild owned corporate advantage of a global money system owned and run by the zionist jews.

    One can only hope all the hundreds and thousands of posts and comments written by well meaning so called truthseekers around the world, mostly since 9/11, will have a positive effect for peace, i.e. the people will refuse to send their children to pick up a gun and go off to kill other people in the name of zionist jewish profits and power.


  2. That was good Greg.

    No doubt that anyone entertaining Mr. Smith's thoughts will keep them to their selves knowing this scenario is a very real possibility.

  3. I thought about putting something in there about the greedy pigs at the Fed, but left it as is, to make it simple.

    Yes, Mouser, President 'Barry Sotero' is nothing more than a gofer for the world banks, Wall Street and Israel.

    And if we don't take back our nation, he won't be the worst, because the next president will go even further.

  4. Greg,

    I didn't see ai-pig darling/former employee of the month wolfie blitzukker among the so called "juuurnalists" or "presstitutes" (you often use the term - the best !!) ....

    Hmmmm ......

    Could he be the one for that ugly red spot on poor goy Mr. Smith's head?

  5. Musique, Wolfie was busy at the American-Israeli Traitor Infestation servicing Betty Nuttyahoo.


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