Friday, July 29, 2011

FBI Says a Majority of Americans Are Terrorists and Will be Arrested

If possessing firearms and smokeless powder gets you branded and jailed as a 'terrorist,' then around 150 MILLION Americans could be arrested as 'terrorists.'

The child pornography charge sounds like a 'fix,' something that some NSA spook inserted on his computer so that when that 'concerned citizen,' most likely part of the frame-up gang called the police and Naser was arrested, the police would 'find' the porno, hold a press conference and keep repeating that charge so Americans would brand this patsy as some sick and twisted fuck, and hey, he's also a Muslim, so let's keep hating ALL Muslims since we've been brainwashed into thinking that way.

The feds have already polluted the jury pool and have AGAIN managed to distract the cud-chewers with scary tales of Muslim 'boogiemen' hiding all over the USA, getting ready to jump out and slit our throats, as soon as they get done watching some kiddie porn.

As for the smokeless gunpowder, shit, there's millions of Americans that not only own some, but have a serious stash, since they're into re-loading their spent rifle or pistol rounds.

The stuff is easily available online or at most stores that sell firearms. It's also used by those who prefer to shoot the antique, single-shot black powder rifle, like those used during the Civil War.

And some clowns, like me, who refuse to buy the wimpy things that allege to be firecrackers, use smokeless gunpowder, and PVC piping to make some REAL firecrackers. Note to those unfamiliar with this process, unless you hate having all your fingers and thumbs, DON'T try to make one of these Bad Boys without expert help!

Hell, I've got some friends who are 'gun nuts' and have enough firearms to equip a small army and enough gunpowder to make load thousands of rounds, so are they 'terrorists?'

A couple of them even got their Federal Firearms License so they could legally buy machine guns.

No FALSE FLAG would complete without the grainy photo showing some swarthy looking Arab/Muslim type scowling into the camera.


That this frame-up took place near the site of the Ft. Hood massacre is interesting. It's been about 21 months since the alleged shooter, Major Hasan was arrested and yet no trial for the alleged shooter?

If it's like the feds and the MSM told us repeatedly, that it was a 'lone gunman,' Hasan, then why the long delay in bringing him to trial?

Maybe Hasan's training as a psychiatrist is helping him resist the brain-washing and making him a tough nut to crack, so the PTB need to keep the Muslim 'boogiemen' story alive and seared into our brains?
Ebert said the young man was rude to staff and through a series of questions led them to believe that he was largely unfamiliar with what he was buying.

"He randomly selected six canisters of smokeless powder, a mix of fast and slow," Ebert said. Combined powders with different burning rates "can be highly volatile," he said.

In addition to the six pounds of smokeless powder, Ebert said, the customer also purchased three boxes of shotgun shells and an extra magazine for a pistol.
Source, a local Texas TV station
If those 'Muzzie' terrorists aren't making a loud scene in some tittie bar, while drinking copious amounts of booze, snorting cocaine and then leaving their copy of the Koran at the bar, they go into gun shops and make a scene by acting rude and insolent.

Great cover, don't ya' think?

More Psyops:
A U.S. Army soldier was arrested after police found him in a motel room near Fort Hood, Texas, with possible "bomb-making materials," authorities said on Thursday.

FBI Special Agent Eric Vasys said the soldier, who was absent without leave from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was being held in a jail in the city of Killeen, Texas near Fort Hood, on an unrelated child pornography charge.

He was identified as Naser Jason Abdo, 21, originally from the Dallas area.

"Whatever threat Mr. Nassar posed yesterday or up until yesterday has been eliminated and mitigated, and there was nothing to indicate he was acting with anyone else," said FBI agent Vasys, who is based in San Antonio.

He did not elaborate on the apparent threat, or what charges Nassar might face.

Nassar was arrested around 2 p.m. local time on Wednesday after a "concerned citizen" reported that he had firearms and smokeless gunpowder in his motel room in Killeen, Vasys said.

"A search of his motel room revealed that he had some components which could be considered bomb-making materials," Vasys said.

In June, the U.S. military approved Nassar as a conscientious objector to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that status was put on hold after he was charged with child pornography in Kentucky.

Nassar applied for conscientious objector status in 2010 after he decided Islamic standards would prohibit his service in the U.S. Army in any war, military officials said.

Fort Hood was the scene of a shooting rampage that killed 13 people and wounded 32 others on November 5, 2009. U.S. Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan was charged in the shootings and is expected to face a court martial in March, 2012.



  1. Yeah!

    When I saw this story yesterday about an U.S. AWOL soldier being arrested, my internal red flags went up. First I thought ...oh, they must be setting up someone to mimic Anders Behring Breivik. As soon as I saw his name being Naser and on top of being Muslim - immidiately went back to to what I do best - tweeting with kim lardasshian.

    I didn't wait long enough to read about his conscious objector decision and child porn charge part (many thanks for including that).

    Oh of course .... like all other 9/11 and other "evil muzzie terrorists" he's hooked on kiddie porn but have a conscious mind to object to war?

    FBI powerpoint taught agents that Islam ‘transforms’ culture to 7th-century

    The powerpoint also said that Islam "transforms [a] country's culture into 7th-century Arabian ways."
    Muslim civil rights leaders told Ackerman they were concerned that the presentation painted all Muslims with a broad brush.
    The FBI told Ackerman the powerpoint was a "rudimentary version" of a presentation that is no longer in use.
    "The FBI new agent population at Quantico is exposed to a diverse curriculum in many specific areas, including Islam and Muslim culture," the agency said.


    Greg, speaking of terrorrizors .. look who's back on the news:

    Bush explains slow reaction to September 11 attacks

    linking this crap piece of article would be worthless and utter insult to your intelligence, so that's why I didn't include.

    Big sis neapolitan sandwich have a hotline set up to call and turn in terrorists and sneaky people - will it be possible to make a phone call about spamela geller and her crews?

  2. Bush explains slow reaction to September 11 attacks

    Did he use his crayolas to make his point?

    Musique, they have to keep pumping out the lies to keep 9/11 safe from being exposed as Israel and our own out of control government being behind the attacks.

    I don't believe in a Heaven, but I sure hope there is a Hell for these bastards.

    Walid SHITBAT probably helped the FBI develop that Powerpoint.

  3. Walid Shitbat:

    I was reading about him yesterday.
    Who do you suppose pays him?
    And he is managed by Lee Kaplan?
    Funded by the US? Israel?
    I wonder?

  4. Who do you suppose pays him?

    Good question, as he's given classes at the USAF Academy, corrupting AF cadets.

    Probably paid by AIPAC, some American Israeli billionaire, like Haim Saban or some other fascist like Murdoch.

  5. I don't believe in a Heaven, but I sure hope there is a Hell for these bastards.

    YES SIR!!! You're 1000% correct. Screw heaven ... sounds like a boring place to end up.

    Watching those fuckers being tortured mutilated, and watching 'em going through meat grinders over and over ...something they escaped on earth, hmmm ....

    Doesn't get any better than that! ☺

    Speaking of walid juubat

    Penny, Walid Shoebat exposed on CNN. I have no idea why juunn would expose him but oh well ....enjoy!


    I wrote about this twat years ago.


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