Friday, August 5, 2011

"Those filthy, underhanded, sneaky, crazed throat-slitting Arabs," Part II

SUBTITLED: Has GOOGLE's Code of Conduct returned to its original motto, "Don't be evil?"


This blog is a follow-up to my previous posting, "Those filthy, underhanded, sneaky, crazed throat-slitting Arabs."

When I went looking for an image of a 'backstabbing' Arab on Google, I didn't get any pics or images, which surprised me, bit it did return "About 853,000 results."

Curious, I then went looking for an image of a 'backstabbing' Jew on Google

It returned with "About 1,560,000 results," which was almost double the number of hits for 'backstabbing' Arab.

WTF? I was surprised to get any results, let alone more than the 'backstabbing' Arab search.

To see if this GOY infection has spread all over Google, I searched for 'Jew,' which in the past the result came back with a blank page and Google's policy on using hateful terms, admonishing you for being so mean as to look for such an offensive term.

Type in 'jew' on Google Search and you'll retrieve "About 66,600,000 results."

Notice the first three digits?

NOTE: The link for 'Jew' was from about a month ago, so it doesn't show the number that appeared then, now it's "About 71,900,000 results."

Google did have this admonishment on their sidebar:
Offensive Search Results

We're disturbed about these results as well. Please read our note here.
Well, I'm not disturbed, why should anyone be disturbed when seeking knowledge?

No wonder GOOGLE is catching heat from our occupied federal government.

While 'Big Oil' is rigging the markets so they can still make obscene profits during this recession/depression, and those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street Casinos, the ones that crashed the economy are still handing out record bonuses, the FTC, who are tasked with protecting the American public against “unfair and deceptive acts or practices," instead choose to harass GOOGLE because it's such a popular search engine?
Google Being Investigated For Antitrust Violations

The FTC will soon serve Google with subpoenas to appear before the Senate’s antitrust committee—specifically CEO Larry Page and Chairman Eric Schmidt—as part of an investigation into its web dominance.
Who's in charge of the FTC?
The current FTC chairmen and commissioners are:

Jon Leibowitz - Chairman

William Kovacic

J. Thomas Rosch

Edith Ramirez

Julie Brill
All of these names showed up on the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index

Yep, no conflict of interest there. Where do they hold their meetings, Tel Aviv?

There's some 'Tribe' members that aren't going to like GOOGLE returning to being an actual search engine and not a TALMUD gopher.

We can only hope GOOGLE has returned to its senses and has rejoined the fight against Zionist tyranny.


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